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Procuro um sistema pra jogar Exiled kingdom como RPG de mesa

Manto do orvalho

New Member
Olá companheiros, sou um grande fã do universo exilado, tanto que gostaria de narrar um RPG de mesa nesse universo, mas não sei se há algum sistema para ele ou quais são os materiais usados para começar uma campanha de mesa
O que outras pessoas estão dizendo


Actually it would be very easy to convert many elements to a tabletop RPG. I think the Traits and Skills are very well done in terms of mathematical progression, you only have to make a list of Trait & Skill increases per level and what XP is required for a level-up.

However the combat is more problematic, some relatively complex adjustments are made for resistances and complexity is the antithesis of good tabletop mechanics (but perfectly valid in a computer simulation where maths is cheap & easy). Same with trap/secret spotting. None of this is impossible to convert but it will require some thought.

All this said, unless you are very familiar with at least two, preferably four or five, different RPG tabletop systems, to the point you can comfortably Dungeonmaster for them, then I would avoid trying to write tabletop RPG rules.