Potions alchemy lab


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There are a few characters that can brew potions for you but they are scattered all over the place.
My idea is to add an alchemist laboratory where you can brew your own potions and cultivate your herbs.
- A lab can be found in the house you buy or it can be rented in any city or town for a monthly fee which gets automatically taken from your gold every month. If you don't have enough gold you get a notice telling you to pay the full amount of money plus 10% interest. If you cannot pay or won't pay (Reputation Down), you loose the right to use the alchemy lab until the debt is repaid (Reputation Up).
- Every lab contains 6 pots where you can grow flowers, herbs, trees and mushrooms.
To grow them, you need seeds, fruit or spores. You can get seeds and spores from the ingredients you collect in the wild but be aware that once you convert an ingredient into a seed or spore, the original item is gone. For example, a golden apple produces 3 seeds which can be planted in the pots of your lab but the original golden apple is gone.
1.The various characters will brew potions for you and you will gain knowledge of how to brew them yourself.
2. If your reputation is at least 20, you can rent an alchemy lab or, if you own a house, you can use the lab for free.
3. Once you have the knowledge you can start planting seeds. Each seed will give you the desired result according to its availability :
The blue flower found in Lannegar is ready 24 hours after planting the seed.
The red flower found in Kingsbridge is ready 48 hours after planting and so on.
The rarest the ingredient the longest it takes, however each ingredient can be turned into seeds or spores and be planted again.


Reminds me of an old game where we could craft our own magical objects. I think it was Fable? Not sure, it's been a while. But we really could create just about anything, it was super customizable. Crafting is fun.