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Players Feedback (concise .edit)
1. Replace Lannager Wizard Tower to the South of South Sagar Forest
2. A hole in the mountain at North Jabal so that the route from the city to the tower is less mazey
3. Mods/Cheats available after all quests both main and side are completed.
4. Increased inventory space; perhaps 4 slots.
5. More differences between difficulty levels.

- traps are triggered without blocking enemies (happens rarely but it does)
- Grisenda attacks other enemies
- enemy arrows pass through obstacles as hills but my archer cannot properly shoot through open doors
- when enemies are particularly distant but still at range, Grisenda keeps running here and there among my archer and the enemy, with a script that tells her to attack enemies at sight and to come back to the main character when she is too distant. As a result, she gets mauled especially by ranged enemies since she does not fight back and then it is my turn of my archer
- my archer is no t fast enough to keep distance with enemies: once engaged in melee, there are few helpful abilities but I am forced to pass to melee fight.
- in so many cases, the animation of the bow being used is so long that I cannot properly control distance and actions, and I grant a sort of fist strike to enemies
- there is no special ability that allows to use bows at close distance, bringing the chance to miss enemies to 0.
- in so many cases, my character gets stuck on bushes, rocks or door corners because commands are fine but not accurate enough to grant that kind of flawless maneuvering that instead enemies have by default
- elemental short bows deal such a small elemental damage that it is not a significant advantage against vulnerable enemies (eg. the ice short bow doesn't deal any extra damage when hitting fire drakes or fire demons).
- having a high armor class is not a real improvement due to the 20% to 100% range of protection that it offers without any shield.
- having a high basic intelligence and the XP from disabling traps really do not provide a significant boost to level up as initially expected.

(Orion79 cont..) {}
1 - include books that provide extra skill points (good for all classes)
2 - add a script for quick draw that allows characters to switch to melee weapon automatically when engaged in a melee fight
3 - improve the scripts that manage the followers and the main character. For instance, too many times my archer aims at the most distant enemy rather than the closest (and then most dangerous). I told already what happens with Grisenda in some cases.
4 - manage the animation of shooting arrows, because it really takes a long time and makes the archer really vulnerable when enemies approach.
5 - you may turn Rapid Fire in a passive skill that increases the speed by 2 points each. Even using skills at the right time can be a vital choice! In many cases, the loss of time caused by small buttons may cause a death, so I really prefer static skills to active ones.

Would like to enable an option to lock valuable items to avoid accidental selling to the shop vendors. Or the latter option, allow buyback?

I know the buy back option has been floated around before and hasn't been met with a lot of enthusiasm. Perhaps a different merchant buy/sell screen set up could help. Maybe something like your inventory on one side, merchant inventory on the other, and a third inventory screen in the middle that you could place items in that you want to buy/sell, and a confirm button to complete the transaction. Dragging items to middle inventory allows you to see what it is you are selling before you sell it. Maybe separate a bit more with dialogue options to buy or sell, with buying only showing merchant inventory and selling only showing yours.

Lvl 16 warrior running around like im mother henning for my companions like they couldnt carry anything. Switching between companions is a bit hectic with swapping things in and out. If they had their own slots it would be nice

(Satanic Pulse){}
So I sold Cruelty (2 handed sword) and from looking at the wiki page the only way to obtain it is from Swordmaster Surtag. Is there anywhere else I can find this weapon? It wouldn't have bothered me but given the fact I now realise I need a good fire weapon to fight trolls it would be quite handy lol.

The game is very good! But I'm having space problems, especially when I have to take specific items to enter some areas, my suggestion and make an individual inventory between the characters. Att Phatunax (google translator) (pt-br)

Warrior - Defensive skills:
1. Shield Expert - when wielding a shield +1/+2/+3, an extra +2/+3/+4 vs. projectiles, and reduce ALL direct damage taken by 1/2/3.
Note: We should feel the difference when we use a shield. Lets say a skeleton hit us for 5dmg, with max shield expertise it will hit us for just 2dmg. Late game is still not much of a difference but at least early game will be much safer especially for new players.
2. Resilience - gain +4/+8/+12 armor for 8/10/12 seconds and reflect 3/6/9 damage to all enemies that hit you during resilience.
Note: Normally we use resilience when fighting large groups of monsters, the damage is quite low, but will help us kill that group a bit faster.
3. Bash - its good as it is.
4. Fury - when you have less than 30% HP deal +20%/+25%/+30% damage and each strike have 15% chance to restore 4/6/8 HP.
Note: Less damage from Fury but better upkeep/survival under its effect.
5. Last Stand (NEW SKILL) - instantly recover 20/35/50 HP, and stun all enemies around you for 1 second.
Note: This ability should have very high cooldown, should be kept for extreme situations, pretty much like the Cleric passive that restore health with all remaining mana.

Warrior - Offensive skills:
6. Two Handed Expert - With 2-handed weapons add your STR x1.5/x2/x2.5 to damage and +2%/+4%/+6% critical hit chance.
Note: Crit instead of stun, this is an offensive passive.
7. Cleave - its good as it is.
8. Whirlwind - should be just a bit nerfed, in my opinion its the best skill and right now i almost one-shoot any pack of mobs with it.
9. Charge - charge does +40%/+60%/+80%/+100% damage, an additional +50% damage to the first enemy hit and stun it for 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds.
Note: Almost the same, just a bit more utility and easier to avoid damage when killing mobs 1 by 1.
10. Execute (NEW SKILL) - deal +150%/+200%/+250% damage to a single enemy, ignore the enemy armor, but you also suffer some damage -10/-14/-18 HP.
Note: A great finishing move, for strong enemies or bosses. The -HP effect is to avoid abusing this ability to one-shoot regular mobs one after another.

The benefits of selecting a guild are pretty well covered, but what about the benefits, if any of being guild-less? Given the once-in-a-lifetime, permanent guild oath, it seems prudent to hesitate before committing but not committing doesn't seem to have any benefits right now.

Just curious if there will be any content or benefits for the guild-less heroes.

Has somebody found a way to make them usefull? I have spent a lot of money but they never last one battle

Hello! I am new to EK (started only couple days ago but already have warrior and rogue lvl11) but i have a question about guilds. I realised it is only one guild for life, can you put in that we can join more than one? I am a big fan of elder scrolls and one of the best things in that game is climbing to the top of different guilds. End up as master of thief and warriors guild with all perks that comes with title. What is good in being part of only one guild? You miss a lot of different quests (in different guilds)... Also when i was doing quest 'Welcome to the House' main npc in guild mentiones that thiefs arent assassins. Wouldnt it be great to have assassins guild? It gives so much possibilities... All classes can join and you can preforme different tasks (good and bad)... I love the game and just wanted to share few of my questions and thoughts... Have a nice day!

(Sharkyinthe UK){}
The way I read it is there are 4 basic guilds, warrior, rogue, Cleric and wizard. You cannot "multi-class" (in old school d&d terms) I.e if you choose to be a warrior guildy you can't gain the special benefits of being a rogue guildy, a cleric guildy or a wizard guildy.

But what you can do is "prestige class" (again d&d term) in that you could become a warrior knight, a rogue knight, a cleric knight or a wizard knight. Other potential prestige classes are the golden hand, the loreseekers, possibly something to do with the arena.

What is yet unclear is whether you will be limited to 1 "prestige class" obviously you can't be a loreseeker and in the golden hand, but you may be able to be a knight and a loreseeker.

Also knighthood might be nation specific, as in you can only be a knight of one nation.

Just my thoughts.

Hi, I hope that David will read this.

I was thinking about how the game is structured, how I am using my followers and how the game is structured about abilities.

Narrowing down the abilities that followers may learn is somehow fine, also because it would be troublesome to manage an AI with so many options, yet my guess is that not all followers are equally interesting at mid game.
Grisenda in particular is a very defensive character, and yet the less powerful when it could be an excellent complement to spellcasters and to rogues (both the ranged ones who need a reliable tank to hold the enemies, both the flankers for similar reasons).

Also, it is a bit disappointing to have so many cool abilities and not be able to experience most of them. I mean, it is part of the fun of this game to customize a character and appreciate different builds, yet it gets really hard to exploit the full variety of options.

Also I am happy that some skills are more useful at the early stages and less useful thereafter, giving more reason to be to the trainers in the guilds who can reset stats, yet I feel that there is some issue about game balange.


- I think that more skills should get some passive bonus associated to levels (eg. every X levels, you get an extra Y, as archery for the rogue), as mentioned below

- it would be cool to find even lore books that give you 1 extra skill point, as it happens with attributes.

- please provide an extra on-screen slot for abilities: my smartphone perfectly holds the space for it and probably many other devices may do too. I am experiencing a pain with the cleric since I am forced to constantly switch slots.

Proposed changes to SPECIAL ABILITIES:

- Rage: it should trigger at 40% of life at level 2 and 50% of life at level 3 (or at least 30, 35 and 40 but not stuck at 35%), else it is not useful when stacking with high-level characters and gets really hard to be used when carrying around Hirge.

- Resilience: should also increase the % of minimum Armor.

- Whirlwind: it is really expensive and I wonder if its effects may be better spread among 3 levels and not 4.

- Battle Rage: is really cool but has Rage as a basic requirement, that I tend to ignore for the above mentioned reasons. Overall, it gets a very costly ability that I am not sure it is justified by the effect.

- Bash: it is an ability that perfectly makes sense and exalts a defensive-built character with a shield, helping to make him an excellent alternative to 2-handed warriors.
Yet the push-away effect is somehow useful when you are swarmed (although Whirlwind attack is better) but it gets really unpractical both when you assign it to a follower because used randomly, forcing even your main character to chase the pushed-away opponent and thus giving a break to him and a penalty to your team, both because it breaks the extra-damage achieved with the Duel ability.
The solution that I see here is to split the effect in 2 parts, making the ability as it follows.
"Bash: Enemy pushed back X meters and stunned automatically for Y seconds. If you wear a shield, you use it as a secondary weapon, with a permanent extra damage equal to 1/2 of the shield defense (minimum 1) and a stun chance of +2, +4 and +6% with stun length increased by 1 second)."
Grisenda is not allowed to push back any enemy with Bash, she just gets the static bonus.

- Charge: too many times I miss the enemy that I want to target. It should have a wider damage range

- Extra Recovery: a cost of 2 skill points for level 1, maybe? 3 is for 1 extra recovery and 6 in total is quite an investment.

- Heal Wounds: it really needs a boost per level in addition to the fixed value, to make it still useful at higher levels (such as +1 per level at level 1, +3 per level at level 2 and +5 per level at level 3, just saying)

- Arbenos' Might: Hirge is so dumb to use it vs. fire-based outsiders such as demons and dragons, healing them. Is there any way to prevent her from triggering the ability and focus, maybe, on Holy Shield?

(Sharkyinthe UK){}
1. Greater Scroll of Recall. Allows you to recall to any town. Rare drop and sold through mages guild/loreseekers. Cost 1,000 gold each !

2. Travelling Herb Seller. Little old lady that you meet on the road that sells herbs, (basically red and blue orchids, duckweed, mushrooms etc) has highly inflated prices, (sells at 50 x the price you would get for selling them) because she will gather these ingredients, and if you tomlazy to there is a premium !"