Possible minor quest bug: Honor Among Thieves


Omaha, NE
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selmanous":123trfp0 said:
I have another problem in this quest. I tried to kill Nifuruc several times and I've failed every single time. The last time I tried to kill him, I panicked and went into the Seventh House. After I slept and got my energy full I went out but Nifuruc and his buddies disappeared. Since then I could not find him anywhere, so the quest is still uncompleted. It has been a long time. My level was around 11-12. Now I am 17. I don't know what to do. Is there anyway I can fix this?

Same problem here. Couldn't kill him, left to get energy up, came back and he is gone. I read somewhere else that it has to be night, but I have tried all over free town and the surrounding area between the hours of 2200-0400 with no luck finding him.

Is it possible he is elsewhere?

EDIT: I also opted for the conversation path to fight them right off the bat. Afterwards, I found the bag of gems floating in Nekhar Valley, I quicksaved right before I touched bag, it sinks everytime I try. So I left it floating for now.

Not really sure how to advance quest line at this point.


Need to have agility>=4. It's noted on the wiki page for the quest