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life tiger

Alright so... you know how you (maybe) always poop the wrong way? Welllllll that's why I'm here... to save your butts!

Been some time since the showering guide I did... *flashbacks*


Well let's get back to what you came here for! Now... you need to do these steps very carefully or you'll ruin everything

1...! Eat random crap

2...! Wait for your butt to be full of poop

3...! So this is the step where most of you fail... what your doing here is your just trowing all that poop in the toilet just like that... but no! It's wrong and you need to wait longer for the perfect time

4...! Alright so you waited to the point where you can't hold all that poop in your butt any longer... now! Be very careful not to screw this up or else it will go all over your pants... this is the point where you can just enjoy that feeling in your butt! But don't over do it.... that's also a risk you don't want to take... well not for beginners

5...! So this is where you have to let all those good feelings go down the toilet... as they say if you love some thing you have to let it go and if it loves you it will come back (in this case it will be coming back till your death) but you don't just let them go... you let them go in style and with pleasure! As you start to release all that goodness you have to think like your doing something special.... like... the titanic... think of the titanic coming out of your butt... or a cannon shooting a poop ball... ooor a volcano erupting rainbows!

Well that's it... now you know how to poop the right way! And use it to your advantage! Do let me know how much this has helped you


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