Overall Game Balance - Review


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First of all, I'd like to congratulate the team for such a fantastic job in putting together this amazing game.

I've been playing for a while already, in fact, I've spent quite a bit of time (to my surprise) and I feel that I am now capable of providing an in-depth review.

When I first started playing, it instantly reminded me of a goold ol' MUD; that's been one of the few ways to play more intricate RPGs. Sure, you had all of the D&D saga and more recently good 3d titles; but nothing beats that addictive feeling than a game that manages to trap you by producing great descriptions, dialogues and outcomes.

Today I wanted to speak about classes and guilds, and how I feel they are imbalanced (the latter ones).

I've tried all classes, and I think they're fantastic and very well oriented. How you can get 2 very distinctive branches from the warrior & thief classes; this however, doesn't happen with the Cleric class, but at the same time, Cleric class does offer an array of skills that allow you to choose a few different paths.

So overall, no complaints about the initial classes, I would obviously love to see a lot more skills and possibilities, but I do understand the game is in its initial stages and I do appreciate how it is pretty well balanced in that sense.

The guilds - Feedback

Now I want to touch on the guilds and how I feel it is imbalanced, particularly when speaking about the Cleric guild.

Right now, there is only 1 advantage from locking yourself to the Cleric guild. That is, the possibility of purchasing small mana potions. Aside from that, the armor and the skills don't provide any advantage, rather, an amalgamation of useless tools that won't give you any edge or determine any outcome; particularly when talking about late game.

Cleric advanced skills:
Different to a warrior, a Cleric's focus should reside on resistance, perseverance, will and other "martyr" like qualities that reflect its tough path. I feel this is very nicely represented in the initial class, however, the advanced skills could've been more refined.

Right now, these are your choices:
Light resistance - Spending points here is a no go as you rarely face opponents worth having it against.

Dark resistance - Cleric basic skills already give you absolutely monster skills vs undead, specially when we talk about the holy shield. Further to that... pay a visit to the loremaster guild and you're set.

Wolf - Completely useless in late game situations. This could easily be fixed by adding 2 more layers; level 13 Wolf and level 16 wolf. That aside, I feel this is a skill that doesn't have much to do with what a cleric should be able to. More of a druidic type of skill; I get it, adding druid as a class is a whole other project.

Undead paralysis - Okay... again, you're already a beast vs undead.

I would propose the following:
Resist vs all skills - increase fire, ice, light and dark resistances. Obviously not as much as the current single resistance advanced skills; however, to a level where it would be noticeable (10, 25, 40 for example).

Aura - I feel it is absolutely vital to add skills that affect all party members rather than just the cleric himself. This would add a complexity layer where you would definitely think a lot more about your companions and summons.
Here you can play with a lot of possibilities, from auras that boost certain stats, to auras that harm enemies or such.

Boost party skills - Same point as before, right now the Cleric seems to have a sole focus on himself and his skills. I don't feel that's right. Same as with the Aura (if hard to develop), party boosting skills should be a must have.

Conversion - yep, turning enemies into allies, big time Cleric skill.

Heavens fist - some sort of lightning ranged spell that could potentially heal your mana a tiny bit if successful.

Sacrifice - risk vs reward all time Cleric skill.

Summon - as mentioned earlier, the wolf should be able to be competent late game.

Imbalance alert!

The cookie cutter, the demolisher, call it how you want.
Build a cleric and put him under the warrior's guild skills and give him a 13 speed light weapon. Boost his AGI and what do we have? An unstoppable killing machine. INSANE DPS (duel, heavy hand, etc; and wait until you mix it all with the Cleric basic skills)... but I just don't feel having a DPS Cleric is a very fair thing for an RPG. Sure, he can hit hard, but possibly DPS more than a rogue while having healing powers and top top top armor? Bit too much...

To wrap things up, just want to bow down to the team for having created such a great, fun game. I genuinely believe it's got further commercial viability (I own a consulting and dev company, so not saying it randomly) that could be implemented without harming the essence of the game. Moreover, once further features and fixes are added, the game could truly shine potentially able to become a big hit.

Very much looking forward to your replies,


Reyone":1m8jjy0m said:
...congratulate the team ...
The most remarkable and exciting thing here is that the game is made by one and only developer.
(It wasn't a good idea for a person who "own a consulting and dev company" have not visit into the 'credits' section for all the time spent in the game. :p )

What about all the comments about the guilds, cleric and other stuff, of course, make sense and there are good points for (at least) taking note of.


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My character is level 20 and I generally have a low light resistance. Like 14. Stun isn't huge. It lasts a few seconds and generally (those enemies that can stun) only happen once per enemy. Granted I may just kill them quick enough so they don't stun again. Paralyses. That's the heavy hitter. Those enemies that can paralysis you do it often. But they are (fortunately) few in number and confined to caves and such. So just keep a bunch of light resistance gear and potion and only take them with when you need.