Old Rumors


When gossiping in taverns, I often hear rumors that I've already heard. That makes sense from a roleplaying standpoint since any particular tavern wouldn't know what I'm already aware of, and what they deem "gossip-worthy" might be different from what another would.

However, after progressing in the game a bit, it seems to make town hall quests and rumor bosses significantly harder to complete, as there appears to be an ever-growing list of worthless info. For example, I've long since completed the actors' quests from New Anthur, but I'm still learning that there's an acting troupe with a talented, young lead. Boy have I got a rumor for *them*... Some up-and-coming hero mage used him as a meat-shield and ran. He's kil't.

Anyway, does the gossip bonus (mine is currently 25%) work by giving you a chance (in my case 25%) to gain valuable rumors for your active quests and rumor bosses, and otherwise (75%) simply give you a random tidbit of semi-useless info that pulls from an ever-growing list of stuff? Or does the growing list of non-quest rumors dilute the pool of info, making it harder to gain valuable gossip? If it's the latter, I've noticed that many events aren't flagged properly as "completed," so I'm still hearing about things that aren't applicable any longer. Another example is hearing about a desert expedition led by a young so-and-so whom I know first hand isn't there any longer and hasn't been for quite some time.


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The out-dated-rumor issue has been discussed before and got pushed to the back-burner to focus on more pressing things (like the mage class) but the subject of out-dated rumors might be worth a a second review by the Developer.

I'd suggest a player stops hearing about certain rumors after hearing them the first time or after starting the associated quest. Not sure how to program that without hiccups.