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Please post neatly what needs correcting.


Section: Equipment

Table: Armor Table

Issue: Myrosian Guantlets wrong color in avatar

Link: ... rmor_Table

As for suggests


Section: Town Hall Quests

Link: ... all_Quests

Suggestion: Revised to make it clear that the quests are randomized and as such you cannot use online guides to complete them. Only through gossip can their location be found.

While it says they're random it doesn't exactly make it clear that you can't use the listed quests to help you finish yours. In fact the whole section is obselete and should show a list of quest names but without link or html. To make it more obvious that they're unguidable quests.

suggestions and corrections only please. No idle talk.


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Some of the "Lesser (COLOR) Orb"s stats are missing from the table on their respective wiki pages. For example:

Just got one in game and the stats are:

Lesser Black Orb
Class: Mage
Off-hand, Detection I
Holds magical energies whirling inside.
Bonus: +14 Health, +5 Mana, +18 DeathResist

I recently installed EK on my computer with Steam so it is current. The other common orbs sold in mage towers are all similar except for their main resist type and name color. Interestingly, all except the Black orb have a photo that shows the current stats, but the table is out of date.


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Stats of lesser orbs have been fixed. If any Loreseeker has recent images of lesser black and red orbs at hand, feel encouraged to also update those.


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I'd like to report a minor glitch, or at least what it seems to be: sometimes when you're attacking an enemy, your companion goes running from side to side and do nothing kk. Anyone else noticed this?

The game is amazing! I'm so happy that they added new content! I hope that someday they add the other parts of the map and some town hall quests and more quests to places like Whitetower, Solliga, etc.

If i have to suggest something i would like to see a collor swap in some armors. Don't need to add colors to each piece of equipment, but the platemails and other armors will add a nice touch if changed the color of your characters. Something like they already did with the vampires. The red armors are awesome, and if the legion breastplate, myrosian breastplate and the body armors you get at ashen wastelands and the ark changed the color of your characters, it will add a really nice touch to the visuals.

Anyways, this game is a rare gem! Has an old school D&D and classic aura, but with so many creative touchs that make it so addicting. Also, the dialogues and text are well crafted, with many references and many good jokes. The plot itself is very interesting, and if you manage to expand it a little further it will change and already compelling story into something epic!

Sorry for all the blabbering kk. I got carried away! 😂
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Ah! I would like to point another suggestion! It will be cool if you got some other optional skills like the beast hunter. If they added some new skills to get with Varannari it will be amazing. Something related to bow proficiency will be cool!😊
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Regarding the wiki page for the Ark of Lothasan quest, I believe there should be a note somewhere (and the same note should be on the Shards of Fate quest page) that unless you find out about your heritage you WILL have to fight the Dimensional Parasite at the end of the game. I remember my first play-through with a Warrior when I read through the Ark of Lothasan quest and took note of all the trait checks needed for a peaceful ending. I added the + checks up and determined that I could still get to 9 without knowing my true heritage. I didn’t want to use trait points for Intellect or Personality so early on, so I didn’t worry about the heritage thing at the time. But on the command bridge in the ark I soon discovered that since I didn’t know my heritage I was forced to choose the “I am a mere human…” option, which brings with it a -1, which makes a +8, which results in a fight with the DP and no chance to acquire the magister’s pendant. Updating the wiki to reflect this might prevent a lot of grief and/or disappointment for some players.