newer android screen flickering


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i bought this wonderfull game awhile back , and i runned flawless on my old tablet , a medion life tab android 6.0 , but now when i try to play it on my newer smartphone sony experia z3 android 9.0 , and my samsung galaxy s4 tab wich runs android 8.0 , i get a flickering bar at the bottom and the top like im trying to access the units settings or something like the game isnt running in the front wich makes the game completely unplayable and also drives me nuts with its constant blinking , i called both sony and samsung support hotlines , and both company´s dont have a sollution for this , and direct me towards the devs of this game.

i tried to access develpers settings in my units and got the game working on the phone by turning off gpu overlay , but all other games works fine so i was wondering what u guys are doing to fix this issue , since id rather play it on my tablet instead.

also the msg that pops up doing this flicker , is you are using fullscreen mode to access menu buttons slide from the bottom but you cant do so with all the flicker.

plz help regards darksinner thx upfront.