new update is hard :)


I have absolutely no idea about companions, but I wonder this. Is it really a good idea to spend skill points for companions on active skills? I know the AI will use them, but we can´t expact them to make a tactical usage of them as we would do. So, I´d rather focus on passive skills for companions, but again, have NO experience with them.

This being said, I explained somewhere else that Whirlwind and Cleave are not a good match. One of them splits enemies and pushes them away, and the other damages stacked enemies in front and next to you. My opinion.

- Elia


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Being able to disable your own experience gain to work on companions completely would be nice, and as I posted somewhere else, having a general XP pool for companions would be incredible. As it is currently, once you pick one and start leveling them up... going to another is a huge penalty to you.

As for cleave/whirlwind together and companions with active abilities. It really depends. Whirlwind is pretty damn useful, as it's a large damage boost and an AOE stun. Very very beneficial, especially the stun part with the harder content. Stunned mob, not going to hit you. Cleave as well, with the harder mobs that don't get wiped out immediately, is a huge damage boost.

Yes, it may spread the monsters on occasion from Cleave, but who cares? If they're spread and knocked back, it means they've got to run towards you giving you a breather for a second which helps with your cooldowns in a tougher fight. You might lose a little bit of DPS, but you gain time. They also come running right back at you, and if you're using a two-handed weapon more often than not by the time they're next to you to attack again.. you're ready to swing again.

With the changes to Cleave/Whirlwind, is it as good as it was? Nope and at this point I'd probably agree with leaving off the Whirlwind for Giss and leaving it just for me, while I stack her Fury but to simply label it as "not a good match" isn't really taking anything into consideration beyond the fact that you're going to miss Cleave AoE (which is a lot more limited now) for maybe a second.

Also neat on the Trollfens loot. (Might be nice if the Oasis place sold Scrolls of Recall *hums to himself*)


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What happened to the cleave skill ? I think its a big difference but still worth it, what do you think about the new cleave ? Worth it ?


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It certainly impacts warriors.

Still need to play much more, but it is harder from what I've seen so far.