New Skills

I'm not finding the time in last few days to actually get in-game and play much, and I returned home from weeklong trip to discover my internet is down (waiting to be fixed hopefully today, but I didn't even get to DL last 2 updates yet). don't think I will have a chance to make use of test update respeccing or even go to trainers and make my own notes for a while, but in meantime I love being able to read and think about/plan future on new builds etc.

Any chance I could beg someone to add the new skills and info to wiki, or post here so I can check them out? :) maybe people with comments or discussion about them can talk also (aka skill X is op, skill Y might be too expensive, skill Z too weak etc). Feedback thread already 20+ pages and i would love to see some comments specifically on skills (so far i only read about a few things in other threads and eagerly awaiting to see more details)

:) :D


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New content to wiki will be added as soon as wiki editors are able to do that, so it is just something that you need to wait for.

Also, there's a good reason why we all should wait for official release available to have solid information about new changes: David actively tweaks new content depending on testers' feedback.