New score system and new leaderboard


Staff member
As of today (version 0.6.866) the score system has been changed, and new leaderboards have been published. Older versions will keep working with the old scoreboards, but in a few weeks I'll probably just disable them.

This has no effect on gameplay whatsoever, it's just to track how well you're doing and maybe compare to other people progress, much like achievements.

In case you don't even know what I'm talking about, there is a score for each of your characters, and leaderboards in which you can see the score of other players. But the old system to assign a score was rather chaotic and arbitrary, with random things giving a lot of points, and Google Play Leaderboards were also plagued by weird scores from old testing versions.

You can check your score by going to your character window, and clicking on the Details button. You can see your position in the boards and your achievements in the Library section (requires connection to Google Play Games Services)

The score formula

XP: +1 point per 300XP
Reputation: +1 point per 4 rep points (can be negative!)
Quests: +20 points per quest, +5 per town hall quest.
Secrets: +5 points per secret found (counts once).
Achievements: +10 points per achievement (this will be counted even if you're not connected to Google Play)

Hard or Ironman difficulty: +20% bonus points.

Ironman mode posts in a special "Iron men of the Kingdoms" scoreboard, in addition to the normal scoreboard.

If you already had posted some good scores in the old board, don't worry. Just log in into your game, and kill some stuff around, move to another zone, and your score will be posted to the new scoreboard.

That's all! let's see who holds the records with the new system.