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I am missing a little bit character-specific quests. I would love to see some cleric, mage, rogue and warrior quests. Well. For the Mage I have no great ideas but the other stuff I'd love to see in the game.

Free a group of slaves from Jabal and lead them through the bandit-infested Nekhar Valley to the Elder Forest. Do it in the night to lose less reputation in Mercia or do it at day to become the enemy of Mercia.
Unite a group of deserters from the Nekhar Valley to attack Jabal - Jabal becomes a free town. If your companion is Grissenda, she will beg you to convince the new Jabal major to join Varsilia; likewise Hirge will ask you to join Nivarian. You're free to decide, but the one you are not joining is giving you -10 reputation.
Ask a group of Soldiers from Free Jabal to come and help Eiranda in Storme. You participate in the fights similar to the battles with the Orcs in Kingsbridge.
Riding on a wave of successes, you ask them to purge the goblin infestation from Bluemist River and Lannegar Valley. Turns out, they are more selfish than expected and all the usual encounters there are replaced by deserted soldiers from now on. This leads to a plethora of new Town Hall Quests with 1000-1500 gold payout, which should be difficult enough for a level 20 hero.
Eirana calls for help: Turns out, under the caverns of Storme, there is a deeper level yet.
Clea Trollslayer is sending for help: Those Soldier-bandids are entering the Lannegar mine and it is your's to free it once again. She asks you to bring Lady Grissenda and she will join you, too, because this is surely a task for many warriors.

Solo: Break into the palace of Freetown to get some free-passage-documents for the slaves of the Sydarun Oasis. With Palace Guards on set routes, the task is not to fight the palace guards but instead to get in and out unseen.
Solo: Break also in the palace of New Garand to get a message from Eirenda to the princess of Varsilia; in the hope of rising an army to free Storme. With enough Charisma, you could end up marrying the princess.
Solo: Breaking into the governor's house in Friguld uncovers an conspiracy between the Port Malan council and Chancellor Nebros of Kingsbridge to bring down governor Todbir. You can side with whoever you want, but in the end only one of them survives. The city against which you take sides gives you -10, the other +10. If you stay away from the trouble, both give you -10.
Solo: Get out of the port malan jail through a complicated underground smuggler cavern system after the father of the princess caught you proposing to the princess.

solo: Find at least one new believer in the Three among the people of Thuram.
with Adaon: Get the agreement that an Altar is set up in Jabal; with Grissenda by brute force killing an opposing member of the council late at night, or with Hirge by charisma; or with Adaon by bribery. The Altar is then promised, but it will of course take some time to set up... :)
with Adaon or Hirge: Finding a way into the cathedral by convincing or bribing boatman Narrim to row you across the lake to the building. In the cathedral, find out something more about the Three (Maybe another hint for the Temple of the Sleepers?). Discover that, shockingly, the cathedral is connected to Azagul Tomb through a series of 2 or 3 other tomb levels. Let this be the Cleric's equivalent to the Sewers of Horrors; have level 25 fights against undead horrors and shadows and discovering The Three related stuff in the go.

The trader Golem asks to help him find a valuable trade. You put him in contact with Kalis in Freetown. The two of them ask you to once again break into the Golden Cove Bank: Rumor has it that they buy all the unique magic artifacts which you were selling into the world. They task you to bring that magic glass ball accessing directly to the safe of the bank. They specifically tell you not to steal anything else, in order to not raise the alarm. The bank, being robbed once, of course has upped their security a little bit, so it might be a good level 20 challenge. Once you bring the magic glass ball to the Golem, you can buy back any unique item you were ever selling, for as little as 10x the price. Thinking that you could have brought the items yourself....

If you contact Rolgam again, at least 20 days after you brought him the ruined dragoon boots, he will tell you he found out how to make new dragoon boots. He will need the hide of a big red dragon and loads of gold. If you listen to tavern rumors now, you should find a red dragon as new rumor boss. It should be sufficiently high-level to give a headache even to a 25 level hero; like to the king of khorne. It could be placed where the prodigal daughter once had her lair; or maybe you have to go hunting it on the plane of fire underneath the icemist underlevels or in that firery place under the abbey of St. Admus. As a reward you get dragoon boots that give you 3 armor, 4 health points and +35 fire protection, leaving you scratching your head if it was worth it.

The Port Malan Authority keeps having difficulties with the sea trade to New Garand. They arm and man an expedition to the Corsair Princes. On those Islands, the expedition attacks a village of pirates. You find yourself in a burning village, all your comrades gone again - apparently you have passed out and been left for dead. The Island's quite dangerous, not very different from Friguld. Teleportation somehow does not work here, so you have to get to the other side of the island, where you can steal a boat and go back to civilization. This is not so easy, as it turns out the Kurg have a major civilization in the lush hills of the islands and in the tunnels underneath. Rope bridges connect the islands, but are heavily defended. Do you remember how difficult the entry area of Castle Bluerock was before you were adapting to it? Like that, Rope bridges can be a major difficulty with many Kurg arrows coming in. You have to find a Kurg Tower Shield in the caves of the first island just to be able to cross the bridge. As long as you are using it, however, you cannot fight, because it is two-handed. It does protect from arrows, but not from magic nor close combat.

Varannari have a quest: In the elder Forest they as you to contact their friend Deep Shadow. When you arrive there, Deep Shadow is gone, but there are traces going south. You can follow them to the northeast corner of Mount Storme, where some trouble is waiting for you. Once you have freed Deep Shadow, she asks you for help with the Orcs in the Steel Coast. And what Orcs that are! For this quest, there are quite the elite Orcs, having shamans summon Elementals every few seconds, Orc Archers and a number of Taskmasters. Turns out they were stealing the best Wolf Pelts. Binging them back to Deep Shadow again raises the reputation with the Varannari.
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Some class-specific, and some gender-specific, quests would be a bonus for those on a replay but alas it is what it is.


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We can't really ask David to add more content to this game, it's already a lot bigger than what was initially planned.

But I love your ideas!!!

If you're looking for new ways to play the game, with alternative stories/endings, check out the Thread 'Ultimate Challenge Compendium'.

Pick up a Storytelling Challenge and try it! Your quest idea for a warrior looks a bit like the "Mercian Rebellion" challenge, where you play a rebel leading an insurrection against the Queen of Mercia. There's even a Loreseeker quest, where you play as a tiny bookworm student.

Or if you think of ways to adapt your ideas to the Challenge format, create one and playtest it! I'll add it to the Compendium!

I'm currently finishing a new challenge, where we play as a Necromancer who found Syllara's long lost diary, with tons of story and ritual puzzles to complete! But I'd be happy to play someone else's challenge after I'm done :)