New Player: Looking for basic summonor build guide


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After reading countless posts I find myself spinning in circles a bit. I am a new player and want to go the mage route(took warrior to L5) but need to know the basics of which early-game skills and equipment I should focus on.

I was thinking staff route since people who post builds seem to almost always use them. Any early-game staves I should focus on getting or other good mage gear?

Good places to farm up money and EXP?

Any other strategies?


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Mage users hardly use the wand build, because it is even weaker than the staff build. (although the staff is more risky.) And most of them use the golem build since it is safe, but I don't prefer it. If your playstyle is offensive, I don't recommend it because it comsumes many skill points and golems aren't stronger than you may think.

Someone who uses the defensive build may post the build, so I introduce my offensive style.

1. lvl 1 ~ 10
Point lightning bolt and fireball in skills and INT in stats. Mana surge, staff mastery, and disintegrate are not effective in early level.
Just complete quests to level up. There are no good farming areas in the lvl imo.

2. lvl 11 ~ 20 (someone recommends the maze in lvl 9)
There are two farming places that give you both XP and money. One is the maze of lamth, the other is whitetower valley/wyvern mountains. I hate spike traps in the dungeon, so I farmed in the latter one. But the maze is more effective than the area near whitetower.
In the lvl, quests are so hard that you can't proceed the quests easily. So It is good to just farm XP in the lvl.
In this time, you should point staff mastery, and extra recovery in general skill because the bestiaries are too strong to kill by only using skills.

3. lvl 21 ~
You are enough strong to kill the bestiaries and complete some dungeons and quests. Point arcanist, disintegrate, precision shot, and massive critical(the two latter ones, skills related the critical damage, aren't mandatory. It just depends on your style.) In this time, just do it as you want.
There are also two farming places, sunken citadel / icemist underlevels. Icemist one gives you the most amount of XP, but hard to access and no gold/potions. In contrast, sunken citadel gives you the most amount of gold/potions. You can also hunt rumor bosses for tomes, but it is boring to wait.

4. Stat and skill point
Stat priority : INT - AGI - AWA - PER - END/STR
Skill :
Lightning bolt
Ice storm
Mage armor
Mana surge
Staff mastery
Extra recovery

Massive criticals
Precision shots


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Just some advice on the first levels.

The Mage becomes far easier if you invest a few skill points in Mage Armor. It saves you from traps and will be worth it even later on.

I think both wand and staff are viable, with staff being a bit better by the endgame and wand being better in the early game. If you are going to reskill anyways, consider starting with wand + orb for a while.


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Also get lesser summoner lvl 1, it can be really helpful to get away. You can use him to distract the enemies, that way you can flee if it gets dangerous. Very helpful for hard and Ironman run.