New classes


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>Commoner: spears/pikes/halberds. Also short blades/ 1 hand maces, light/medium armor.
Can work, like on the inn but instead of paying, receives and 1 week passes by. Player talks to some npc's in rural areas to work.
Habilities related to spear/pole arms and work:
-hunting animals(furs, meats, etc) , agriculture (money). Etc.
-instant counter attack( when enemies run into the character), critical spearhead damage( weak spots) .etc.
>skirmisher: bows/ longbows/ crossbows. No close combat weapons.
- faster reload (bows)
- stronger pull (longbows)
- headshot (crossbows)
- 2 arrows (b/lb) with cooldown
- arrows with effects.
- hiding to ambush. Etc


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The game is already finished and the developer is working on the sequel so there is little chance that those ideas will be added to the game.

The classes sound interesting though there are some things I'm not really sure about.

- As described now there is nothing stopping someone from just constantly spamming the work ability. The only thing you lose is time, but except if you are trying the "Why the rush" achievement, time is pretty much meaningless in this game.
- How would the hunting animals ability work? Players already are already able to hunt wild animals for their pelt and meat with all characters?
- Instant counter attack doesn't sound very useful. When the player is running away from something or running through an area, this ability would make them stop to do the attack animation every time they get hit.

- This class feels a lot like the rogue class to me. Archery and hiding are things that are an important part of the rogue abilities in this game. The only difference would be that Skirimishers wouldn't be able to use melee weapons and get a few extra bow skills.


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This game is wonderful! Simply incredible!

My new class suggestion is well related to the world. It would be amazing to open up to the player for the option to play with a Vanari tradition druid.

I can't even describe the absurd amount of ideas that can be explored with this class! It could bring new explanations to the plot of the green-skinned people, or originate in an uncorrupted version of their religion.

After all, even though the church of The Three is expanding and the church of the eleven is well formed. I believe there would be room, near the western forest, for the proliferation of this nature-devoted sect or religion.

Just to illustrate some ideas of unique powers in this class, inspired by Celtic tales and classic RPGs like D&D, Diablo and others, I will mention the following:

*Temporary self-transformation into melee warrior form of powerful animals, elementals, fairies or other wild beings.

*Temporary or permanent transformation of enemies into harmless animals.

*Summoning of animals.

*Invention of crushing, pusher or poisonous roots.

*Control animals or other wild creatures of the scenery.

*Imposing curses on enemies.

*Control the terrain by creating areas of obstacles (columns of fire, rocks, trees, holes).

*Acquisition of advantages (improved displacement, acquisition of energy resistance or increased damage or protection) in wild terrain such as forests, underground, lava, plains, deserts, etc.

*Climate control (increasing or decreasing temperature or raining).

*Summoning or awakening ordinary trees into living trees (new type of elementals or golem).

*Offensive spells in an area with effects of environmental catastrophes (earthquake, volcanic eruption, tidal wave, lightning storm and drilling).

The possibilities for balanced creation of powers and rules are absurd! Please email me if you liked the ideas and I'll be very happy to collaborate to one day play this awesome game with a powerful druid from the vanari tradition.



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Pursuing the idea of ​​druid.

The class could be a mix of mage / warrior or cleric / rogue. She could use staffs and not know how to use wands (or the opposite).

About the use of armor, I think it would depend a lot on the concept and general power of magic, but I imagine that only light armor and tunics would be more reasonable, after all, the vanari do not usually wear armor of the civilized people.

About shields, I think only the small ones.

Weapon skills would have to be as simple as wizard or at most cleric.

Several secondary skills would be very well explored by this class.


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I like the idea, but it will never happen.

The game is finished, David is working on next one, so all your ideas are nice but useless.

Sorry but that's the cruel reality ;)