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New Class: Adventure Class or Custom Class


New Member
Hello, I really like the Exiled Kingdom game features and classic rpg display, this game is very suitable for the best paid classic rpg game !. But there is one thing that I think is lacking, can you add a new job class? Such as adventure classes that can use a variety of equipment and spells, or can be called custom classes. Example: You can use a warrior's sword even if you are an assassin and then use staff or use fire or electricity spells using mana even if you use warrior equipment. I beg you please add a new class of adventure that can be anything you want I beg. And then I'm waiting for another game from your best work, keep up the spirits and be healthy always thank you.


Staff member
The game is done for the foreseeable future. If --and that's a big if-- any new content is added, it will likely be more areas and quests to flush out the Lady of the Night story arc. Or the Orc Kindom, or the sea kingdoms. But not likely to be a brand new class. That would require a lot of re-teaking the game for balance.

Curently, non-magical users can learn the skill Magical Training.