My world: does every thing want me dead?

life tiger

It all started in a magic and English school on a giant Hill... it was pretty cold and I had to go to the toilet! Let's not talk about what I did in there...

So after that I went to a building close to the school and was greeted by loki and a guy with a shovel and yellow safety hat... loki said he needed help cuz someone dug from the roof all the way down (like minecraft blocks) he was pretty sure that he was geting invaded...

I came to that big dug area (1 by 1 not really that big but in reality a block is a pretty big thing...) and looked up and saw... a hole... I looked down and saw a little cave and what seems to be another loki! (Loki from smite)

So we talked about the problem and came up with the plan that me and loki attack the other loki... no idea what happened in that part of the dream so let's skip to the next day

In the next day when I finished school the cleaning lady was mad at me for not putting all the chairs on the table (happens to us in reality every day) so I put the chairs on the tables and went outside to find a dead body of the shovel guy!

I quickly ran to my Loki hole and found my loki dead! While the other loki was working with an old lady and they wanted me dead! And so here starts the action! A car comes driving to me and then transforms into my fake mom!

And then she gives me the power of loki! (Invisibility and daggers) and then after some stealthy attempts of killing him I failed cuz the old lady is guarding him... she didn't do any thing to me but then a black wizard came!

I quickly started to run away from the school area down the hill that it was on and I turned into anhur and used my impale attack and jumps and shifting sands to get away! But just as he was about to get me... a car arrived!

It was non other then a baby dragon trying to save me! So I got in and saw my fake mom also siting in there and we drove off! As soon as we get to my reality looking house the baby dragon keeps holding my arm... trying to break the bone with his strength!

I finaly realised what he was doing and kicked him out of the car and then he ran to my house... then the black wizard came and casted a spell that created a massive skeleton army! I quickly drove away... looked right and saw the army coming my way so I turned left

And as I was going left I saw another army coming from that side! So we had no other choice but to charge them! I drove right into them and they couldn't do a thing but get flung aside! And after that we drove out of my city...

The end

(I play too many computer games...)