My world: a good old sail

life tiger

So this is a dream story agian and the last time I was on a boat in reality was about 10 years ago so I'm not sure why I got sent to boat hell and also.. I don't really.. remember the start of the story.. butt.. let's say we skipped it..

So our lovly story starts with me being in Italy on vacation and my parents gave me a pie to eat while on the road to our vacation house... I think

So my belly isn't geting full and I'm geting greedy by slowly eating every thing! And then I got this feeling... that a great number of undead will destroy every thing soon...

So we're in a... . . .office shop thingy and why not steal all the goods to survive this crap?! Only me and my family! Till they got replaced by about 5 others... that I have no idea who they are...

So I'm rushing it! Get the drinks! (Cola... don't blame me) and then I wanted to steal about 10 computers to sell them after its over but I gave up

Also were close to a river with a nice boat we had so I dumped the drinks on it and rushed back thinking it was about to start! I warned my team but they didn't care

The sky was geting dark and the feeling of it coming grew and so it did... lines of those buggers started to come from the hills!

I ran to get one last thing which was some thing I can sleep with but I hated it so I trew it away while on the boat and then I saw the undead in the shop while my crew came to the boat

I went to the edge of the boat having the undead swarm the island (in my dream it was an island) so I pushed the land with my feet while being on the boat while it was still tied to land...

Then my crew came and untied it cuz I'm stupid and so I pushed agian... so hard that the boat moved to the other side of the river! A bad start

So I get away from the edge and fell on our line of toilets! Yes instead of barrels we had toilets... and watched the undead swarm every last bit while we sailed away...

Then after some time we seen a family on the land beging for help... I told my crew to not stop for them and that they will kill us! But we're all idiots on that boat...

We stopped... they loved us... gave us a party... then guns... and we were ready to go back... but uh oh! As I went with the new kid back he saw his chief being eaten by a zombie so the boy ran to help him

I as always said... screw that! And went to my boat only to find out that the little brat turned into a war zombie of death! Then I quickly ran inside and seen him trowing giant razor blades at us!

After some time of trying to hurry and open the rusty doors I went into the belly of the boat which was made out of straw from inside... easy for the blades to fly in! I was trying to hide as much as I can and then I felt some thing... my hair?

Oh poo it's a blade that flew next to me? How is my crew? I open the door to the steering wheel under the boat and they are all dead but 1! (Also the boat is sailing in the river) we try to go faster and faster but can't get away from that monster!

Then the boy changed to a dart gun thingy... and then he shot my last crew with darts... now this is some thing random... the last crew was young and then when he died he turned really old and I had a vision of the boat which had the front turned into his giant old face and just fell face first into the water having bubbles coming out of his dieing mouth....

And so I found a phone and tryed to call my dad but this evil demon came and said some thing like..."hello boy this is your father..." i didnt replay to it as I watched the kid zombie come closer! I looked around and found my own dart gun

After some trouble of trying to find how to use dream wapons... i then said it's all or nothing! And boom! I get the ultra powers of the gods! And turn into sonic for the last battle!!! I got out of the boat and aimed at him... and befor you know it both of my sonicy eyes were shot and exploded into a puddle of blood

But at my last breath I took my wapon And blindly shot him and hit his face... we both fell... befor I could die I heard him say some thing like... (is that the best you can do...?)

The end! :D


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ClockworkGhost":sl8zhe2p said:
Do you eat cheese just before you go to bed by any chance?

If cheese did that, half the drug cartels would be out of business


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I know it sounds crazy, but eating cheese before bed does definitely affect your dreams. You need good, aged cheese, not that orange crap Americans call cheese, but it does work. Try making a grilled cheese sandwich right before calling it a night, preferably from a well aged cheddar or blue vein. If you remember your dreams as vividly as LifeTiger does, you'll be writing the next David Lynch movie in no time :)