Multiple THQ Bug


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Straight to the point, I accepted I think 3 or 4 (I don't exactly remember how many, only certain that 2 were in the same location and that I had another location or two with ring/s) THQ quests in New Garrand that required me to acquire some Household rings. After having narrowed down where the 3-4 rings spawned via the bar, 2 had spawned in Urzuganar's Lair. I went to plunder the lair for said rings, but I found that only 1 had spawned. I had 1-3 days between the two quests to complete them so neither had expired. I tried loading an earlier save but that didn't work, only 1 ring spawned once again. I'm not sure if I should be accepting multiple THQ quests if something like this will happen again, but I would like to be able to do multiple THQ quests in one run. Anyone else have this problem before?

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