Monsters and Creatures Idea Thread


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I think Vampires would be a good addition to the enemies that we encounter in EK. Their Lore perhaps could include Cults unleashing an ancient Tolassian Spirit that corrupts their soul and turns them to some type of a Vampire but EK version style. The Evil Tolassian Spirit possesses the leader of that Cult and becomes the Vampire Queen.

-The Vampires in the game are fast meaning they have the innate Sprint ability from the Theif class and they love to chase their next meal.
-Vampires can only be killed with Holy weapons and will regenerate if they were not killed by the method just like how Fire is needed to kill a Troll
-this Monster gives The Cleric class more reason to be used because of their speciality in killing the undead
-Vampire Lairs have coffins where the vampires sleep. You have to a stake them in their coffins or else the vampires will keep respawing in the dungeon