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Hi. Sorry if rhis is long...

I got an honorable level 26 warrior who wants to do good and have yet to beat the ark. I got lost along the way to tremedans tower and just got stuck grinding various bunny trails. Thought traits only went to five until recently so i changed stats to make him a heavy hitter with 8 strength plus equipment bonuses and 6 endurance with bonuses etc.

Undergrove was a pain until I drew each witch away separately, killed them and left to save then return. Saved lots of frustration. Plus I don't go in dungeons anymore with less than 100 potions minimum of greater healing besides other equipment options.

In a fight, I activate shield, battle rage, use an armor potion or strength potion, rush in with charge, do whirlwind and then slash until a skill is usable again. Makes short work of dark presences anymore and I used to just run from them. Now i deal 100-200 damage sometimes, so yeah... i like it.

If there are large/small emeralds or rubies are there large/small sapphires, diamonds, etc?

I'm thinking of doing an evil mage build next, any recommendations?

The achievements: do they give you additional xp on the spot for attaining them or do you need to have an active internet connection to get credit for them? I got cold feet being lost so I left and came back recently. Sorry if these are senseless questions.

Why is some of the best gear at the last place (ark) in the game? I'm not gonna need it much if I beat the game wilI I?

Is there a way to consistently get 10% to 15% greater scrolls of wisdom drops? Or whatever is the highest.
If you know you are about to get lots of xp, sending your companion away will boost the amount you receive. I know its a devilish thing to do but they aren't facing a possible dimensional parasite! They have no room to complain!

Will skills ever be expanded to make possible the creation of our own armor by getting more trolls skins or fire drake scales, etc?

Is there a way to change the "man-troll" back to his uncursed self?

Why cant I turn the bluesteel maul, battle axe,etc into adamantite beauties?

Thats all I have for now.



Achievements; do nothing, they're just for Google Play logins.

Ark gear is good but the Ark is not necessarily the end of the game... Icemist's Sewers are harder than the Ark, as is some of the new content. This gives you real utility from Ark equipment.

Where to find the Scrolls of Wisdom:

Crafting is very unlikely to be expanded.

No, the Gurr remains trolly.

I agree, more Adamanite would be nice. Especially the sharp stuff.


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A Level 26, you're in the Super Build category. The game should be pretty easy.

Don't forget about elemental resistances. They make a huge difference, esp when going against enemies that deal exclusively elemental damage (like death attacks).

There are a few group fights that are much easier when you learn to use combat tactics. Luring one or two out a time, or using doorways to narrow the fight are all useful tactics.

An Adamanite Greataxe would only duplicate the Adamanite Greatsword. It would be odd to try to have it have a different damage range given the weapon's primary purpose is for killing outsiders (Parasites and snowboys alike ).

Clerics don't get an Adamanite weapon, but they do get the Maul of Terror and an Arc Hammer.

The Developer made a comment some time ago where he didn't want the equipment options to be the same predictable menu across all classes and builds. So classes / builds will get weapons that have range of usefulness.

Clerics often got the short end of the weapon choices but they got Might, which is quite powerful.

Of course, the End Game will have the best End Game weapons. What else would you expect to find them?


Just finished the game but forgot to take the data pad out of bag of holding so i ended up fighting the blasted parasite. Amarisa, Valeran, broke the vial to summon the Iron Golem and me. Got stunned but came to in time to land the death blow. So now that I saved the world...what now? The sloth demon perhaps? Vacationing in the plane of fire?