Minotaur Axe

Don Desini

ClockworkGhost":13516lgj said:
Don Desini":13516lgj said:
I don't really need it either,but not much else to do while waiting for new content.

You could always make a few alternate builds and try out the different story threads while we wait for the next installment of content :) That's what I've been doing anyway - building characters who slaughter every Varannari I see, or maxing out on non-combatant skills like trap detection. Try seeing how far you can progress without killing anyone - we had a competition regarding that a while back, and it is possible to get to at least 4th level with zero kills :)

I have two builds currently. My now level 22 Rogue and a level 12 warrior. I don't care much for clerics, I'm still waiting on mage class to be available. I haven't really explored the divergence in storyline. A very good idea. I may have to look into that.