Message In Bottle (enemies poof away)


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Doesn't break quest so more of an oddity than a bug?

After confronting the kidnappers with the suspicious bottle, the kidnappers fight you. But, if you run from the fight and stay at an Inn, the kidnappers poof away. The journal says you still need to flight them but they're are gone. You can STILL OPEN chest and complete the quest. Only thing you miss out is a little XP and the special boots that drop from the kidnappers.

Ties into the limbo of a few quests, discussed here.

Plot, wise, I think the CURRENT system makes sense. If you were a kidnapper and a witness ran off towards town, you might flee thinking the the witness went to get guards (rather than stopping off for a Friguld rum).

So I guess I wouldn't count this as an bug unless David really wants to ensure players fight the kidnappers.