Merchant guild - lots to offer


Hi all,

I've been engrossed in this excellent game for about 90 hours in total (where did all the time go?) and over time there have been a few ideas that have popped into my head, which could be dealt with in one simple way, by introducing a Merchant guild.

Merchant guild:

* They could provide more storage vaults :D

* You could hire a porter (swamp donkey) to carry all your loot, like a new companion.

* Provide new encouters on the road. i.e you have to protect a caravan from attackers
and if you defeat all the enemies before the caravan guards die you get
reputation/random loot/gold etc...

New missions:

* An idea could be to escort a caravan from town A to Town/Outpost B
or vice versa (Outpost require travel off roads so danger/reward is higer) like the
encounter, you fail if all the guards die.

I think this could make the hiring of adventurers more appealilng, as they would be
another handy meatshield :twisted:

* You have to transport a rare ingredient by foot, facing roadblocks/waves of
increasingly stronger opponents. This could be an open ended mission that could be
completed by sneaking past your pursuers, if you choose to go that route, rather
than hacking a way through. Just dont get caught or all the enemies spawn onto


* The most interesting to me; merchant guilds could provide a regional market for
crafting type ingredients.

This would be separate from the weaponsmith/alchemeist traders.

As an example; Vorator eggs would be cheapest to buy/sell in Fogas and Nivarian
but most expensive in New Anthur.

I think this would provide players with even more incentive to travel and explore
while providing a trader playstyle for early money or as respite from the bloodletting.

These are just rough ideas, and all could be expanded. In particular, missions could include ingredient finding or even human trafficking, if you went the undeground guild route.

So with all that said, thanks to those that read to the end :) and thanks to Mr Ballestrino for creating such an enjoyable game.
One perk of joining Golden Hand could be a higher NPC purchase price for selling items.

In many games there's character-build-based choices to increase the price that merchants will pay when you sell stuff, which is lacking here.

Atm, I'm not entirely sure it's missed very much (game seems fine without it).

That said, it's a cool mechanic to have in games where a type of haggle/appraise system is in place (usually tied to either "personality"/"charisma" attribute). One thought I had on first ~week of playing was that it'd be nice for rogues to get a small +% bonus to selling to NPC merchants (in similar vein of +% gossip), and as well allow a bonus based on a non-physical attribute.

Of course, the problem with the former (rogue +appraise bonus) is that rogue doesn't seem to need any improvement balance-wise (warrior seems top dog tbh for absolute min/max powergaming but rogue skills such as evasion are quite OP so it's more a matter of endgame armor/hp penetration + frequently re-usable aoe dmg skills that seem to let warrior edge out). And problem with the latter (attribute-based bonus) is that the obvious 1st choice is Personality, which already is quite strong due to important spirit resistance, death resistance, gossip%, and (for initial-run through builds) quest checks.

So, prolly no need to do anything with that. But if a Merchant Guild was enabled for PC entry, maybe this could be a fun perk (obviously no one is having much need for gold by time they "finish" existing content, but it could make trip from L1-20 a bit easier maybe, and also become more important/valuable as future content is released, such as crafting maybe).