Maybe we should add information to the wiki about the fact that the maximum level in the game is 100?

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The Wiki states that the level limit is removed, but it is not.
I'm waiting for a normal response, not what you answered me in advance
And deleting photos from a post is evil
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My actions are not a complaint about the game. As I wrote in advance, I wanted to add this information to the official wiki of this game.


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Sladim, this is not about "evil" nor about "complaints". The official forum and the official wiki do NOT allow modded or cheated content. Period.

We don't think people modifying files is "bad" or "good", I sometimes do it myself when I play games. But we know it makes other people fiddle with the files and cause trouble, bugs, support requests and more. It wastes my already scarce time, about 3 in 5 reported issues come from cheats of some sort, and I can't fix them.

Feel free to post about cheated or edited saves in any of the unofficial channels: Reddit, the Discord, or any Facebook group. Those are places where I don't have to reply to people having a crash, so have fun, post what you want.

We are not banning you because it seems you are guided by good will in this matter, but if you insist in wasting the time of the moderation team or mine, we'll need to do it.


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For Clarity, the Wiki DOES have a note about the level cap being 100. The Wiki section on Level Progression states: ""The current level cap of the game is Level 100. But the effort to grind above Level 25 makes the level cap limitless for all practical game play. " I understand a different part of the same section leaves out the 100 cap limit. That could cause confusion.

There are known issues in the Wiki. It was written by a lot of different people, over the course of the game. Some information is outdated, some is just missing, and some could be written better. It was written by volunteers all over the world so it's hard to get mad there's typical Wiki errors in it.

For clarity, the images you attached to your first message were removed as mere housekeeping. The images you posted showed images of a hacked game, a violation of forum rules. The images didn't provide meaningful information as the Level Cap matter is well known by staff. So, the images offered no benefit, but violated forum rules. Seems a rather mundane act. Nothing evil, rude, or even disrespectful about it.

A fair summary of your complaint is you found out that by hacking the game, you could reach an upper limit you felt wasn't stated clear enough in a document written by random people across the world. Not sure that's a reasonable complaint to keep bringing up.

Ironically, the time spent addressing your messages on this matter could have spent smoothing out the Wiki.

Have a wonderful day.

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