Master List of Missable Quests


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Work in progress, based on this thread. Will update as needed.

Missable = Unable to trigger quest (locked out)
Limbo = Trigger quest, but unable to complete (quest stays in limbo status)

Some quests require trait checks or reputation checks to complete. For this list, those limitations aren't included as missable.

:Missable: A Mad Wizard: Must have Adaon in party (thus not-saving him results in unable to trigger quest).
A Warrior's Honor
:Missable: Call of the Blood: Must have given ring to Gris in A Warrior's Honor as Gris is a required.
Restoring the Faith
The Ancient Seal
:Missable: Trial and Error: Must have saved Adaon in Unknown Sewers (only triggers with him as Companion).

Defending the Outpost (This quest is missable in old versions of the game as the defendors can die for the start of the quest)
Fort Assault
Lost in a Good Book
Smugglers in the Night
The Restless Dead
:Missable?: Three versus Eleven: If you tell Hirge not to bother you with relegious disputes, the quest won't trigger.
Welcome to the House