Make mages a bit better


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Mage is the only class that has to spend a lot of mana with attacks, it's the weakest class if you don't have mage shield and barrier which is what I consider to be one of the most powerful abilities, I have some suggestions:

1-Make arcane advanced skill up to level 4, it's very expensive to use arcane 5 weapons even if your arcanist adv skill 3 which is the maximum lvl of arcane.

2- Make weapons of 100% spirit, death and toxic damage, it will be very useful to use 100% spirit weapons on shadows in the forbbiden pit, even if it's 3-7 spirit weapon, it will be very good

3- Make another advanced skill for Mages to increase the time of summoned creatures or modify Summoner to increase +1 minute at level 2 and +2 minutes overrall at level 3, or even increase 1 minute per level of summoner, why spending 70 mana on iron golem that lasts for 3 minutes? It's much better to have it 5 or 6 minutes


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Development for the game is done. Any future update is years away... if at all.

Most players consider Mages the toughest class to beat the game as they start pretty weak. But they do get very powerful.

By design, Mages will either have an advantage or a disadvantage in an area based on their build.

By design, element damage is limited due to the way element damage is calculate in the game. As for your question about Spirit damage, take a look at the wand Branch of the Holy Tree and the Staff of Wonders.