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Overall, pure elemental staffs/wands will do more damage, especially when used against targets weak to that element.

However, pure elemental staffs/wands aren't available right off the bat for new players, and tend to have a mana cost. In addition, elemental weakness vary between monsters, so you could get stuck in an adverse situation. There are monsters that are immune to all, or some, elements.

What most players do is carry one or two elemental staffs/wand as a primary weapon with a mana-free back up option. In the early game, you can also use your mana free wand/staff as your go-to weapon, and swap to the higher damage output weapon as needed. That's one way to conserve mana.

A fire staff and a shock staff is a classic early to mid-game duo. Fire does nifty damage to most things (including ghosts and trolls), and the shock staff is mana free and has a stun chance.

Note, that is many cases, using a very powerful elemental weapon against an monster strong against that element ( >50 resist) will still have a net overall damage than trying to use a non-elemental weapon. This holds true for 2-H staffs more often than 1-H wands. The pure elemental damage is just that high.

Also, for pure elemental weapons, a critical hit increases the entire damage. For a weapon that's some physical and some elemental, only the physical will get increased. That was due to a bug in the code that got left it. It gives a nice little boost to pure elemental weapons.


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I guess the problem is in Hirge,,,,
Griss is light years better for Mages than Hirge, trust me on this on. Just build her up as tanky as possible, dont worry trying to make her do damage - YOU will be the damage dealer in this team. And that Griss has to do is look pretty and prevent your awesome sorceror from dying
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What most players do is carry one or two elemental staffs/wand as a primary weapon with a mana-free back up option.
I always walk around with 3-4 elemental staves with me at all times, with at least 1 in the "quick use" for switching during battles depending on the are. But I do have on my chests 1 staff of each type - including the Staff of Might that is pure physical damage (and the stronger version that spends 5 mana per hit). That also includes the Corruptor (which isnt pure Toxic damage sadly but is the best of the kind), and that other Staff with spirit damage (which is actually almost always useless but... It's there).


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Currently i have a little problem with storage,should i sell my wands and orbs now?
If you are not sure whether to sell them or not, you might just store them in Tremadan's Tower - or in a House, if you own one.
This way they will not be as easily available as if they were in the Town Hall vaults, but you will save storage room for the items you use most often.