mage class weakness - unfortunately

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great job with new update (no sarcasm -i'm happy with it but have few notices)
I tried play EK by mage character and i dissappointingly realized that something is really wrong with it.

first of all - you are not getting better mage along the leveling up; there are only few skills that can develop dependently to other factors:

lightning bolt - damage grows with level
mana surge - mana grows with level
staff mastery - damage grows with intelligence
disintegrate - damage grows with level

And only these skills are worth spending points on them. On the other hand we have warroir character whose skills are mostly passive and you can ADD effect of one to another (i.e. developing the battle rage + cleave skills) meaning you are more effective during combat after each level.
No such thing concerns Mage class. You can either summon elemental of fire or of earth on some level. there is no difference if you are on level 12 or 24 or if you have INT 4 or - the beast would be the same, as well as your firball's damage, etc.
I can level to max ice storm, and then fireball but it's pointless - it doesn't make my mage more powerfull (only more flexible) as the damage from these skills are constant.

now i am at 12 level but still have 4 traits and 6 skill points to locate but i will not, because it is not reasonable - would be a waste of them. If the effects of mage skills would be more linked to level or traits then playing this character for sure will be more well-founded.

Second thing - mana bar :(
i strongly recommend to make it regenerable a little bit in further update. maybe i'm lazy and don't want to inn sleep each time my mana reach the depth, but it's irritating when playing the mage class i can't use spells or i can use them few times after which my character become an archer in the meaning of method of fighting. (maybe we should develop archery skills? some are available for mages - i hope)
of course there are some mana potions in game - great, BUT i couldn't find the shop with them!
mage without mana is usless, and the playing is not funny any more. it's first game i saw with non-regenerable mana for wizards.

please consider aboves. i will keep my save for better times, but now return to warrior.

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