Just a normal day in school (dreamland)

life tiger

And so I get dumped into the worst place of all in dreamland... my school...

Instantly into a giant and long test with the rest of my class. I tryed my best to get out of there and I succeeded! While waiting outside for the rest of the unlucky buggers to finish I seen... the devil coming to take my sou.... Oh wait that's just my teacher... tifi for short

Tifi came to the test room and looked how the test was going and this Russian girl mishel started screaming why I got out and she didn't! Tifi got extra mad and opened her spellbook sending my entire class to hell! You know how there's a red star symbol thingy... well she used a 7 edged purple star thingy

Normaly I would look at them and say "OK... it was not so nice knowing you guys... bye..." but not this time! I had the power of 37 hippos and jumped right into hell to save them all! In there I was challenged by the lighting demon boss from berserk! All it took was 2 blinks and all of hell was defeated!

And so I spawn at my school again... but as a mage! A runescape mage... so with my normal runescape brain I said let's go lvl up and kill things with wind slaps. After some goblins geting slaped by wind I saw a powerful wizard and chose to fight him.

And so the epic battle begun! I chose my trusty wind slap ability and...... disconnected.... (that was always my fear of geting disconnected after that time in desert treasure where a mummy almost destroyed me... or maybe she did destroy me?)

After trying to reconnect and failing about twice I got in and... what do you know... I got murdered. And so I ran to my loot before the others could take it! I found it laying next to room 29 which is like a giant cube area with 5 rooms in total. I saw that most of it isn't there...

But what I did see is some adamant and rune things! I grabed most of the rune things but some kid also got his "share" After talking to him... he didn't really care... just like in the real game... sooo i moved on to the room 29 area but uh oh! My rune glove fell! And a boy started grabing it along with me! Kinda like pulling a rope

So the glove broke into 2 pieces with the boy dropping his piece and runing to the labs area which is on the other side of room 29 area... so I went to the lab area and saw some kids siting at the end on a table blocking the non existing bathroom... I wanted to talk to them like in any other quest but.... I saw a fork.... a fork!

I saw a giant fork on the table and grabed it and on the left I saw that blood boy that destroyed my glove (he seemed about 10 years old) I was full of rage and the need for revenge while also seeing that smile on his face... he never stopped laughing...

With my need for revenge I stabed him in the arm with my giant fork! After some time I stabed him so hard that I felt and heard that the fork went inside the flesh of his arm and again... he never stopped laughing and smiling... sooo... not wanting to get in trouble I moved on and started talking to the kids on the table about how much the glove was worth

No idea what he said but we went to the room 29 area and he set near a giant table puzzle. 3x3 tables with drawing things on them... so he was completely useless... I left and went into a random room and did the ultimate transformation!!!

I turned into a fat girl... and then I started walking down the long road to buy some food...

The end