Item update thread


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You, players, know the little details of the game better than me. Especially about some classes. I'd like to know what little adjustments here and there could improve existing itemization and filling gaps here and there.

In this thread I'd like to heard about your ideas about items missing in the game, or that you feel need to be updated. I am not asking about new ideas for items, I already have those, what I am looking for is things like: "My rogue used the same bow from level A to level B, it really felt like an upgrade was missing" or "There is no good weapon with X elemental damage for clerics around level Y", or even "The reward for quest Z is underwhelming because of these reasons" or "Item Z is useless because there is this other one you get earlier which is better".

Keep in mind however that even if you may be right about certain items, I might not make all the suggested changes. Itemization in EK does not try to be perfectly smooth and balanced, there's a dosage of deliberate chaos here and there because if you always had level-appropiate encounters and received level-appropiate rewards, there would be zero excitement in the game.


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How about a weapon growth? Maybe for equipping a weapon, there's a certain point where you master the weapon itself and possibly gain a very slight upgrade? even if it's just a plus 1. I like a lot of early weapons because of their appearance, I wouldn't mind using a weaker weapon with badass appearance over an overpowered ugly stick. Or maybe a choice of switching appearance? For some reason, I believe appearance tend to give players like me a tenacity to conquer every evil with thundering sword.


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That's not a bad idea, and rather common in today's games.
I'm not sure the mechanics would work in Exiled Kingdoms.
Maybe, have weapon specialization skill? Skill points to gain a bonus with certain weapons?

Might be too complicate for the purpose of this Item Update thread but worth kicking around.


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Having played EK a few times over the years, I'm excited for the update. Here are a few suggestions regarding items:
  • It would be great to have an item drop from the Dimensional Parasite to make the choice of fighting vs negotiating (and getting Magister's Pendant) more interesting. Some type of ring, fang (e.g. dagger/sword), or amulet for warriors/rogues comes to mind.
  • A "spiked shield" type item for 1H warriors that adds some damage on swing (or advanced skill adding this, maybe part of infantry training)
  • Consumable items to reset stats/trait points to augment the respec trainers (separately would suggest just leaving the price constant or setting a max - sometimes players just want to try different builds)
  • Craftable adamantite mace (and maul) would be nice for clerics. Maul of Terror drop rate is quite low
  • A few gaps in current item set
    • Decent mid-game clerical chest pieces are a bit lacking.
    • Axes overall are really lackluster
    • Myrosian Helm, Thuramium Legs, and the rest of the "of Shadows" armor set pieces would be great.
  • Quality of life improvements
    • Give adamantite weapons "silver" characteristic
    • Improve drop rate of rare mid-game items which are extremely frustrating/impossible to farm in ironman
      • Primeval Mantle
      • Ivory Ring
  • End game vendor who sells trait and skill books - maybe the mage in Icemist who starts Sewer of Horrors quest