Is this game no working on 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 ?


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I have played this game for 50 hours with my iPad 2017... after I have changed to iPad Pro 2017 12.9, I have to start a new games since I cannot migrate the Save to the new device.

Unluckily, I find a lot of problem when I playing this game with my new device:

1) I am stuck in Magistrate house mission, after the conversation in the house, the game crash and take me to my home page.... I have restart couple times, it still like his...

2. Since I cannot play Magistate house mission, I play the other mission first.... the 2nd problem now I am facing is , i cannot move my character , also the button on left hand side is not work......
I have tried to restart the game and same problem come out...

What I can do? Should I give up this game? Actually , I love this game thus I have payed and donate money... but the experience is extremely poor ... what I can do?


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Migrate the save should work.

Start the game on your old device, go to continue game - > cloud save and export - >save to file. Than send that file via email to your new device, download the EK.bak file, start the game, go to start new game - > cloud save and export - > import from file.

You can use manual export/import with every device (like ios to steam and Co)


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Are you playing on version 1.2.1118?

I don't think it affects all iPAD Pro because I'd be getting a lot of one-star reviews and reports, but it's true that another iPad Pro user had a similar issue with the magistrate.

There's nothing unusual that should crash the game on that script, but I might try to eliminate the "fade out" on iOS devices on the next test build. Do you have the same issue if you sleep after talking to Teala in Mount Storme?

EDIT: and, does it crash when you sleep in the tutorial with Adaon?

Incidentally, even if cloud fails you, you can transfer your saved games by exporting to a file. You can't email it like p4ran0id suggests because iOS doesn't give access to the game files as attachments, but you can use iTunes File Sharing to move the file EK.bak to your PC. Then similarly, copy it to the new device.