Is the Unweakened Undermother Underpowered now?


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Given the new advanced skills and equipment, does the Undermother need to be re-balanced to be tougher, especially in her Unweakened form?

Warriors can use Battle Rage to break stun. 1-H warriors can use Infantry Training to negate stun. Rouge's can equip the Bloodied Scarf to negate stun. Toss in Magical Training to gain the ability to use the scroll Circle of Restoration (and some higher level Summons) and other advanced skills and pretty soon the toughest enemy in the game is more of yawn than a boss. Sure, you might use a dozen or so top tier potions but there should be more to a legendary creature than consuming a few extra potions.

Clerics are the only class that seem to have a challenge beating the Unweakened Undermother.

Also, the Undermother's Hide is pretty much the same as Myrosian Breastplate (both have 5 Def and given a total of 20 elemental protection, just divided differently) so getting the hide isn't much a motivation for the warrior class (still a nice piece for the other classes).


i definitely think so.
Although, I think one of the main issues with class imbalance in fighting.the unweakened undermother.. is
the circle of restoration scroll.

Ironically, speaking from experience of having fought the undermother as a cleric (given enough gold)
Warriors and rogues make better use of this item.
With magical training, it's essentially a partywide potion of lesser restoration + free resurrection.

Clerics, on the other hand, must manapotion up to keep it going. a scroll poppable per 3 seconds vs 6 seconds.. a big difference, i think.

Maybe limit scroll class, so that the scroll is no longer "as long as you can survive 3 seconds with half of your hp, and can afford to spend gold, you can never die" kind of a cheat item..?


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I would have to disagree. Immunity to stun is different from immunity to paralysis. and she still hits hard. sure with the right build you could wait out her paralysis. but they could also stack on top of each other.

I've fought her a few times and killed her in a few different ways.
and in my experience a single paralyzing bite is game over as a level 19 ish rogue. might be surviveable with the evasion on prior to paralysis.

as for warrior I'd like to have someone confirm if battle rage breaks paralysis.