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Is Disintegrate broke?


New Member
New here. Love the full game, David!

Tried searching, but it only seems to search 1 page at a time and there are 49 pages.

Learned Disintegrate, and I am sure I am using it properly, but it seems to have no effect.

Now, I am only trained to Lvl 1 on it, but it should be adding about 50 to my Dmg.

An example is when I am Farming Bears near Whitetower for meat. I can hit with my maxed out Lightning Bolt and nearly kill them, and then one shot with the Wand of Storms finishes them. Use Disintegrate, same effect. I am having some trouble in the Forbidden Pit and could really use a bit more Damage to help my Lvl 18 Iron Golem and Gris...

Thanks ahead for any help given.