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First, my compliments on an absolutely great game - the difficulty and character progression throughout is exceptionally well tuned, and the writing and quests are fantastic. I took a warrior through the ark and undermother on ironman before the latest update (after many, many tries) and am in the early phases of repeating that attempt after the latest content update. The sewer of horrors is more than a little scary; we'll see what happens.

Here are a few thoughts/requests related to ironman mode:

- I don't believe there are any in game achievements for completing the game on different difficulties. Adding hard mode and ironman achievement would be nice.
- the ability to load from the last rest at an inn should be removed from ironman mode. Also, cloud save and the export save should not affect slots where the save is an ironman character to prevent exploits.
- A common feature in roguelikes is a scoreboard for dead characters (character level, score, creature that killed you). Something similar would be nice to have in this game.
- A "reset areas" button not related to resting in an inn would be really convenient for late game farming items, such as the last 15 emeralds for the minotaur ring. [Comment deleted, see Forum Rule #3 regarding discussing game exploits]
- Not specific to ironman, but the threshold at which Hirge casts a healing spell is 50% HP regardless of missing hit points. That means a 501 HP PC can run around missing 250 HP, or 2x castings of heal III, which really negates a significant amount of the value of investing in the body development skill or endurance trait. A simple and tremendous improvement to Hirge's script would be to be "cast heal if PC or Hirge HP < 50% OR if PC/Hirge MaxHP-currentHP > 125"

Thanks for considering the above and for your efforts at making a great game.


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1) It might be nice to have an achievement for ironman

2) Save Issue: While there's a risk of game exploits, the ability to load from an inn or from a exported game file is there to address issues with the game itself. Last comment on this issue. See Forum Rule #3 regarding discussion game exploits on the forum.

3) The "Details" button offer some of the scoreboard details you suggest, so it might be an way to look at it after death. But, that may require more program work than can be expected at this point.

4) Companion AI, including when Hirge heals, has been subject to much debate. One idea has been a command option to tell when hirge heals but not sure how much can be changed at this point in game development. Similar vein, an option to adjust when Adaon attempts to disarm traps.

5) Re-setting an area can be done by staying at an inn or having enough real world time to pass for the area to re-set. Extreme high level builds can make repeat runs through an area but at that point, rather at end of content.