Ironman mage completion


After a lot of stress and near death encounters I finally completed my ironman mage run. I lost my Ankh early in the game while doing the Mausoleum, so every wrong move could have been my last.

The dragon mountains were really scary. Those exploding goblins deal a ton of damage and they have those slowing traps all around the place. With care I managed to take out the dragons one by one to get the much needed antirad cap. The Elder dragon was very tough, but with enough golems, scrolls of restoration and healing potions I managed to complete it

I didn't spend much time in the ashen wastes. The Codex was lost for so long already, nobody will mind if it stays missing for a bit longer. And because the radiation kill all my allies, it wasn't very safe for my health to stay there too long.

The sunken citadel was surpringly easy. Without radiation to kill of my allies the minotaurs didn't stand a chance and even the underking was felled very quickly.

The first part of the Ark was pretty easy too, with my amulet of dark whispers I was protected from accidental stuns and my iron golem could deal with most of the spiders and all the lightning damage.

But then... the most frightening part of the ark. The reactor part was deadly with the radiation that killed my golem in a few hit, and spiders that took away a thirth or fourth of my health in a single bite. With the help of lots of potions and my omelette I managed to make it to the reactor and dashed out of there, promising myself never to return, even though I didn't have the Tesla rod.

With this part out of the way I fought my way upstairs. And then I realised I forgot something. Amarisa. I realised there was no safe way to get her out of her prison. I debated it for a moment but couldn't risk my entire ironman run for her. So I had to leave her behind. I chose the safety of the entire world above the one that I promised to protect.

The rest was pretty easy, I had everything needed for the debate so I managed to convince them easily. And after that the world was finally safe from horrors again.

And no, I won't do the sewers with her. After this adventure she deserves retirement to her house in New Garand. The wizards can fix their own mess.


Awesome job! Wow. I always get smashed by a trap.
Next on Hard mode im trying to beat all 90 quests in less than 125 days.