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Spybread the mage

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Hi my name is Hadif I from Malaysia I always think if offline RPG game is exist and it really exist and I'm very happy but the most thing make me happy is a mage it my dream to play RPG game use the mage.

P.s. I don't know how to make a game but I have a lot of idea for game exiled kingdom because when I was kid I always make RPG board game at home.


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Hi Hadif-- The most important thing to remember in playing a mage is patience. They get very powerful at higher levels ("crazy powerful" is what one member called it) but you have to survive long enough for them to get that way. Pretty much like every other fantasy RPR though, I guess.


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Hello there, I'll have this thing started.

I'm a professional programmer from Madrid, Spain. Since the days I was a kid that wrote BASIC programs for ZX Spectrum, I always wanted to make videogames. But until a couple years ago I was too busy or distracted with life; finally got things started with Exiled Kingdoms, and here we are.

I always had a passion for the old pen-and-paper roleplaying games (like D&D, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Rolemaster, Call of Cthuluh) and of course also computer RPGs.

Among my favorite classic cRPGs are the classic Gold Box games (like Pool of Radiance), Darklands, Elder Scrolls 1-3, Neverwinter Nights, Fallout 1-2 and of course Baldur's Gate series. But certainly many, many others.

Besides that, a variety of things fill my time: my family (wife & two big kids), music, reading.

Who is next? :)
You worked with a ZX Spectrum? That's cool


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Hello again. I lost my other email address, so I lost my massive skull collection :(((

But I'm back and proving this game has replayability and I've decided I don't need to fork out for a console set up primarily because EK satisfies my gamer needs, and I'm busy with life anyways

Thanks again David. I look forward to running into new things because I haven't played in like 4-5 years since I lost my original email address and Google play purchases. And it's been chaotic up until now.

But truly I am sad. I had 1000s of skulls, perhaps over 9000
I hope there is a way I can access those dang skulls but I realize Google messed that up. I even knew the password but had no "recognized devices" grrr
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Hi i am the one and only Celfious. Real name Jeremy. I've been trying ap games for the past several months. Plants vs Zombies, Eternium, SimCity buildit, and a handful of others and finally, I found Exiled Kingdoms. It is clear this is the ap of APs for me lol. I get a couple of hours in at work, several over the weekend etc etc.

This will probably hold me off until Elder scrolls 6 but either way this fills a void I have for sure.

Alrighty that's me and my thoughts of EK.

have a good day
Haha a lots changed but a lots stayed the same. This game should hold me over until ES6 lol
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Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia
My name is Nizamuddin Arriyadhi. I'm 27 years old. My house is southeast section of Pontianak, where the lecturers live, and I am married. I work as an employee for a Learning Center, and I get home everyday by 10 PM the latest. I don't smoke, nor do I drink alcohol. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure to wake up before 4 AM. After having a glass of mineral water before going to bed and doing some stretches, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning, unless my wife and I started chatting here and there. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life.

Anyway, yes, that one is a JoJo reference.

My favorite games had always been adventure, but then I played KoF, Street Fighters, Mortal Kombat, and then Tekken, and was fond of fighting games. And then I played Legend of Mana, Sword of Mana, Golden Sun, Golden Sun 2, and Warcraft 3, I was fond of RPG, too! My first ever fantasy RPG would be Legend of Mana, but my favorite will always be Dark Souls series (and if asked, I'm confused to say whether Dark Souls 3 or Dark Souls 2 is the best Dark Souls, but I'd say Dark Souls 3), and Skyrim, and I would love to play Dragon's Dogma. I no longer have a PC or even a Laptop to play those games, but I'm playing Pokemon (GBA Rom Hack, like Pokemon Gaia), Digimon World, Digimon World 3, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Sword of Mana via emulator, and finally Exiled Kingdoms which I spent quite a lot of my time on the game.

I still learn, still study, to this day and still call myself student despite technically being a lecturer. Other than gaming, my hobbies are reading, working out, and memorizing things.
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Hi there. I am Ivan. I come from Zadar, Croatia. I was a big computer game fun. Though I don't play games too much any more. From time to time I find some interesting game on Android Market just for little bit of fun. I found this one and it was so good that I decided to join forum. It very much resembles 'Diablo', one of my favourite games ever.

I myself was a big programming enthusiast long time ago, but today with internet everything changed. I don't even know how games are done this days...

Unfortunately I don't use credit card so I just cannot purchase full version although it's very cheap. However I enjoy playing free version. The only thing is that character XP cap is at 4th level. It would be great if it could be altered a bit...

All in all this is great game. :)
You can actually pay via your phone credit, or at least that's how it is in my own country.
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