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Hello there, I'll have this thing started.

I'm a professional programmer from Madrid, Spain. Since the days I was a kid that wrote BASIC programs for ZX Spectrum, I always wanted to make videogames. But until a couple years ago I was too busy or distracted with life; finally got things started with Exiled Kingdoms, and here we are.

I always had a passion for the old pen-and-paper roleplaying games (like D&D, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Rolemaster, Call of Cthuluh) and of course also computer RPGs.

Among my favorite classic cRPGs are the classic Gold Box games (like Pool of Radiance), Darklands, Elder Scrolls 1-3, Neverwinter Nights, Fallout 1-2 and of course Baldur's Gate series. But certainly many, many others.

Besides that, a variety of things fill my time: my family (wife & two big kids), music, reading.

Who is next? :)


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Ok hello everybody!

I am Patrick. I am a plumber and come from germany.

I love all kind of sport and i am sporty too(soccerfan 1.FC Schalke 04). But i played a lots of video games in my life and spent many time as child for it.
My favourite games are roleplaying.
As child i played pokemon. Later i played world of warcraft a few years. Now im married and have three childs and no time for playing games so EK is perfekt to play for me.

My favourite game is the elder scrolls 3 morrowind.

So thats me! ;)


Cheers! I'm Tobias - student. I'm pretty much from the newer generation, but unlike many I really like oldschoolish/pixelated games. I don't give a damn **** about graphics as long as the game is fun, has a nice story and FREEDOM for the player. Acutally I prefer /oldschoolish/pixelated design to "modern" design.

Apart from that I often played games where I thought: "Oh my good, this could have been done so much better with just a few small changes...". Thats why I always wanted to be a programmer as a hobby, but on the one side I was too lazy to stick into it, on the other side I have simply forgotten about it. But I often take notes of my ideas how I would make games etc. Because planning your game on paper and getting the graphics done doesn't require any coding skills, but is essential for a good game (if I'm ever going to learn coding). So all in all full respect for your app and let's hope it will be a nice financial support for your kids ;)

And yes, Baldurs Gate is a great game +1


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I'm Eric, a freelance author/copywriter/music journalist in the Pacific Northwest, USA. I love computers and roleplaying games, so anything that gives me that pen n' paper experience gets my vote. Morrowind, Oblivion, Divine Divinity, Sacred, the Gothic series, Baldur's Gate, Avadon, Eschalon, Ultima, Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, those are games I could play for hours and not get bored. Turned my son on to Oblivion, too.

Exiled Kingdoms is a great game, unlike the millions of Zelda/Final Fantasy clones in the Play Store, none of which interest me. This game speaks to me because not only is it similar to the games I love, it is also close to the game I was planning on making, but now I don't have to.


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Hey community :lol:

I'm Troy, and I'm a huge RPG fan. I'm on step 8 ("Tell your PnP group how much you appreciate their participation,") of the 12 step RPG-Lifer program. I've been RPGing for more than 35 years and I still own (most of) the original Dungeons and Dragons Blackmoor booklets. I've been offered more than $200 (USD) for one of the books, but that would violate step 1 in the program: "Collect and hoard as much D&D sundry as your spouse (or parents, if you're still a youngster) will allow and, don't forget to keep a secret stash."

But seriously, because of my health (and broken laptop), I now play games mostly on my tablet. I find it hard to sit at my desk for too many long-period stretches. Obviously, mobile games aren't where desktop games are yet, so I jumped on EK because of its "open world" tag. I've been enjoying it ever since.

I've also begun a friendship with David and he has inspired me to, once again, start working on my own games. I got lost in the details and basically gave up, but he pointed me to some wonderful resources. I've been programming for almost as long as I've been RPGing, but have never written a game.

I look forward to participating EK's journey to maturity.


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I'm an architecture student, and crazy about oldschool RPGs. Normally turnbased, but I can also appreciate different flavors like the one provided by this game, which I've been testing heavily since Alpha.

Even if it sounds terrible, there's little else I can report other than studying and playing old & pixelated RPGs!


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I've been working in the shipping industry for several years now and currently work the nightshift for a food distribution company.

I've been a diehard gamer of rpg's, mmo's, and mmorpg's for many years now. It all started when I got my hands on a game called The Bard's Tale, back in the 80's. I failed art class because of this game, btw .. hmpf!. And BT2 and BT3 followed. There were no maps or minimaps to help you along, but pencils and graph paper were plentiful! As the gameing industry rapidly evolved, I played the SSI Gold box trilogy, Awesome. Darklands, Eye of the Beholder, and many other rpg's. Then 1995 hit and a game called Everquest steamrolled into the gameing scene. It was online (dial-up, awesome at that time!), and one the first mmorpg's to rock the gameing industry with its online play and graphics! Getting hooked on this game was an understatement! After about 12 years and 26 upgrades later, I called it quits. I Delved into several other mmorpg's and got tired of the online chaos and played the Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, Icewindale 1 and 2, Pools of Radiance (new and improved version from the gold box series), and Devil Whiskey, to name a few. Some years later, I bought an android, found Exiled Kingdoms on gplay, and here I am! :D

My family and friends call me Mike, btw :D


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Hi folks! I am Steve, I've been into fantasy worlds and RPGs since I was a kid. I discovered tunnels and trolls and d&d in the 70s and have been an avid fantasy reader for as long as I can remember. I'm new to this game but really like it. Any help or tips would be appreciated. :)


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My name is Bill and I am a healthcare executive, former x-ray technician from Brooklyn, NY, USA. Like many of you I enjoy a good old-fashion rpg game and Exiled Kindgoms is a blessing. Going way back to the days of Atari, Intellivision, Nintendo 64, Playstation and various computer systems that have taken up much of my time and filled many of my nights with games. Zelda, Fable, Oblivion, Dragon Age, Bard's Tale, Baldur's Gate just to name a few off the top of my head. Since I am 57 and seem to work harder then every before, (unless I am just more tired...haha), I do not have much time for a good solid RPG. Most of the android games do not interest me, but along come's David and his wonderful ode to old-school gaming and I am hooked. I am losing weight since my lunchtime finds me on my phone battling trolls, orcs and robbers....currently I am a warrior level 13. Can not wait for more content to come and I want to applaud David for all his wonderful efforts and work...along with the weight loss...haha. So until Game of Thrones season 6 starts, I will be falling asleep most night getting lost in the Kingdoms.....

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East Anglia, Uk
Hi, I'm Karl, I am based in East Anglia in the UK (near enough to Cambridge).

I have been gaming for the last 26 years, Larping for the last 23, I was fortunate enough a few years back to have a couple of modules I wrote published for Living Greyhawk.

I have primarily been a console games since I got a PS2, though back in the day I used to enjoy diablo and Balder's gate on PC. Now days I enjoy Oblivion and Skyrim, Fallout 3 (and New Vegas), Dragon Age (1 and! 2). I hope to get a PS4 in the next year when my phone is due for upgrade (can't justify the expense without getting it as a freeby on upgrade !)

As far as Tabletop goes, I regularly go to Pathfinder Society games (and cons), am part of two regular gaming groups one on a Thursday where we are currently playing Rolemaster, the other I am taking a break from running (I was running a homeworld campaign in d&d 3/3.5 that I had been dming for over 2 years taking the party from 1st to 17th level) we are currently playing a Savage World - Rippers campaign.

Larping - currently doing three games, Lorien Trust - I am playing a Roman Themed Legionary Priest of Steel, TGaT (Tommy Guns and Temperance) a 1920's prohibition era gangster larp, where I play a Honest Joe mechanic and business owner (someone needs to upgrade the bmobsters vehicles !), and Age of Aether, a alternative setting war of the world's Themed larp, set in 1872, where I will be playing a "Exploring Officer" (think Major Hogan/Nairn from Sharpe !)

I am really loving the game and I will do everything I can to help build the game.