Insanity night: porky

life tiger

Alright hello! And welcome to... insanity night exiled kingdoms edition

So you ever heard of insanity night? Of course not! And it's better not to look at the other version... if you'll ever find them... so this is part of the 'my world' sieris... from meee *the tiger says in a creepy voice* time for some thing new!

So our story starts with porky the pigu pig!

Once apon a time there was a pigu named porky (yum) who was just living a nice a peaceful life in the lannegar village farm that doesn't exist

3 seconds later....

Oh nooo... porky got a massage that he was about to move to the new garand farms that kinda exist!

And so porky began to pack his carrots and mud and started his journey to the new garand farms!

On the way there porky has met a traveling alcamist and he was giving away free potions! (Who ever heard of that being a thing?!) And so porky couldn't resist the one in a life time offer and there for drinking the potion and then dumping the vial into his belly

5 sec later...

Nothing happened and porky was about to thank the alcamist and go on his way... but uh oh! Porky began to float in the air and spin out of controll while starting to turn green!

And then not so gracefully landing on his belly... he then stood up and was about to complain about the potion.... but then... his nose grew wings and flew to what seems to be the troll fens!

No time to waste porky ran as fast as he could..."don't forget to stop by!" Said the alcamist happily

Passing the new garand farms he thought "I'm finaly here but what will the other pigus think about me with out my nose?!"

After 2 hours of runing around new garand trying to not get dumped into a cooking pot he finaly made it to the inori desert

"So hot I'm geting cooked alive" said porky right befor seeing a wizard selling ice cream! And so porky asked the wizzy... "how much for a bloody ice cream?!" And The wizzy answered "200 coins!" Porky being slowly melted had to think fast and so he took his mud and trew it at the wizzy and stealing all the ice cream!

*lick lick lick* porky burly surviving finaly made it to the sydarun oasis! Seeing all that water he took a good lon... wait... no time for brakes porky get up your ass and start moving!

And so porky being so tired finaly reached the troll fens and then he met.... wait that's me! Ahh... and then he met the super strong and very handsome tiger! wrecking the trolls and going to the Oasis to sell his fat loot!

"Oh hi there" said porky "have you seen my... nose fly around here?"

"Oh my poo!" Said the handsome tiger "pigs are finaly a thing! Finaly after like 3 years! Oh... and yea your nose is around that hill"

Porky full of joy quickly runing to the other side of that Hill to not only find his nose but also some not so happy swamp donkeys...

"Oi donkey!" Said porky "that's my nose!"

"We've been expecting you porky" says the swamp donkey "you have come too late! The time is perfect! And the full moon is above us! You see... porky your now one of us"

And so poor porky screamed and yelled while once agian starting to float in the air but this time sucking up the essence of the troll fens and finaly transforming into a swamp donkey!

The end


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Re: Insanity night

I want whatever you were on when you wrote that...


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Re: Insanity night

Aderall with a hint of LSD. Happens to me when i come up with Skill ideas


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Re: Insanity night

For some reason I think this will become a meme or one of those things you rarely see here that makes you go "wat".


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Re: Insanity night

I was assuming you was huffing some form of aerosol when you wrote this. But i think with a little work, this story could be used to prove you're legally crazy!! :lol: lol jk...kinda.