Insanity night part 4: the gift on my door step

life tiger

There i was... living the life in my house in new garand waiting for the next update! A chat with the thief on lock picking... an arm wrestle with the warrior... and hearing out things about the three from the priest trying to not die of boredom

*door bell rings* "I'll get it!" I said to my companions... and so I went to open the door and on the other side was non other then... buli the chicken!

"Long time no see! Come in have a drink and a meal!" I said to buli... after a little chat and a meal of some unborn 'babis' buli told me to "remember the future to avoid a great disaster" And then he said he had to go prepare for the ritual

With out another word buli left the house into the cold night! *3 seconds later* a great panic started in the house with every member trying to figure out what that means! "We're screwed! If words like that came from buli then some thing really big is about to happen" I said with fear

After a quick plan all the house members split up to find a clue to what's about to happen! All the companions went to their guild to ask around and I went to the library! After looking at my nonexistent hand watch I screamed and started to run to the library

Quickly rushing inside and asking the loreseekers what buli mentioned they said "no matter how bad it is even if it's to save the world in 5 minutes from total destruction... your not a full member of the loreseekers which means you'll have to pay up! Let's see what I need for my collection... how about 5 diamonds!"

"Bloody hell" I screamed as I ran out of the library to the vault! *30 wasted minutes later* "Here you go! Greedy bastard..." i told the loreseeker as I gave him his items "sorry" The loreseeker replied "but we don't know any thing about your problem... maybe this is ancient knowledge that we still do...." i quickly ran out and went to the house to see what the others got

*after another wasted 10 min* I went inside my house at about midnight and it looks like the others were a lot faster but haven't made much progress... other then hirge... she said he knows a way that could work... but it's a very unholy ritual!

"Spit it out! We're going to get destroyed here!" *30 wasted minutes of convincing hirge to do the ritual* we create the ritual symbol on the floor and start......

"Abuga buga buga! Tuti muti luti! Ora ora!" Rite all the members "we summon you prince of nightmares and seek your aid!" The symbol on the ground glows and the house turns purple! Tainted with evil and unholy darkness of the underworld! And finaly there appears a rift in reality creating a door of which the Prince comes out of

why have I been summoned mortal? "wellll..." *20 wasted minutes of explaining what happened* i see... you call it destruction of your world... and I shall call it a waste my time! "what do yo..." mortal... you shall wait for tomorrow morning and see the results "but..."

Befor i get to say even a word he goes back into the rift and taking all his taint along with him... "well... let's wait then..." the next morning is here! *ding dong* "I'll get it" says hirge as she goes to open the door... and... opens it! And on the other side... is non other then... buli the chicken?!

"Sup" says buli "the ritual is complete!" As he says that he gives his belly a good 2 slaps and then turns around... and then I got the flesh back of all my pasts with buli "NOOOOOO CLOSE THE DOOOOOOR!" I scream but it's already too late... a good BIG present comes out of bulis butt!

The end


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Very fun! but remember, only game information in this forum. Fan fiction etc must go to the off-topic forum, as this one is more aimed at people looking for specific information about the game.