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Hi, I am Uzer, I am a lvl 24 warrior with my companion is Adaon a lvl 21 rogue. I have finish the game and defeated most all bosses in the game except for the greater demon in the elemental plane of fire. I will tell you my experience in this game also my builds, strategies, farming methods for gold and exp, and also some issues players have in this game.

First I will tell about my experience in this game.This is game is one of the unique offline rpgs I have ever played this game is challenging even in the easiest mode. And can be annoying at some times yet fun.

Now I will show my current build for my warrior

For the skills of a warrior I will tell you the offense and defense skills.

Fury (Passive skill)- increases your damage output when your hp is under a certain point.

Heavyhand (passive skill)- increases your damage output in your attacks.

Battle Rage (active skill)- increases your attack and armor as well as making you immune to mental effects (stun, paralysis) for a few seconds.

Cleave (passive skill)- makes you hit more enemies rather than 1.

Duel (passive skill)- adds bonus damage when hitting the same enemy but will fade when running away from battle.

Massive Criticals (passive skill)- increases your critical damage and will instakill enemies who are lower lvl than you not all though.

Precision Strikes (passive skill)- increases your chance to make critical hits.

Charge (active skill)- charges forward and dealing damage.

Two handed expert (passive skill) increases your strength and chance of stunning enemies when using two handed weapons.

DEFENSE SKILLS: im not that familiar with the defense skills of the warrior.
Resilience (active skill)- increases your armor for a few seconds.

Whirlwind (active)- spins around and deal damage as well as knocking them back.

Bash (active)- bashes your foe and stuns and knocks them back stun duration is doubled when using a shield.

Shield expert (passive)- increases your armor and more vs projectiles.

Infantry- I dont know the effects of this skill please share to us for what do u know about this skill.

This game is not some game where u can just charge in and kill all enemies in sight. No, this game needs strategy in order to survive in dungeons as well as completing quests.

Sometimes there will be a time where there are too many enemies in the room, in order to kill them, the best method is to make ur companion wait and you will kite your enemies one by one. This will make more easier for you while avoiding being swarmed.
Always know the weakness of your enemy. Like if the enemy is fire, use a ice weapon for more damage.
Utilize the enviroment. If the enemies are too many for you and cant be kited remember if u are near a village or town utilize the guards to attack them for u by luring the enemies towards them. Flank whenever possible.
Battle Rage is an important skill to the warrior because it makes you immune to stun and paralysis which is very useful for the ark of lothasan and the carrions. If adaon is ur companion it is important to max his dungeonnering skill and trap master this will make him usually disable traps for you this can be further increase by equiping him with agility and awareness items as well as tinkering and detection my adaon has a 101% chance to disable them but still fails sometimes. Equiping adaon with bloodied scarf which can be found in mercian royal crypts will make him immune to stun and halves the duration effect of paralysis. FOR SOME REASON I GAVE ADAON THE DIRK OF BETRAYAL AND HE NOW STUNS ENEMIES FOR 12 SECONDS .It is important to increase your INT, AW and PER for more obvious choices and passing trait checks. Body Development is important for warrior users its gives you bump of hp. Evasion, stealth, assassinate and flurry are important skills for the rogue class. DO NOT KILL King M'mdoo for his drops are that good the only good drop he gives is the Cloak of Might which gives 2 str, 1 armor and 20 hp, for his axe is not that strong. Flurry is good for warrior users to compensate the slow atk speed the warrior has when using two handed weapons.
Stack up epic omelettes when going to SoH or other difficult dungeons. Grissenda is a good companion for mage users due to a warrior having big def and decent atk and huge life. Its important to know your lineage in order to achieve a peaceful with the forsaken. The Ankh of Life is good for iron man players. Warriors do not always need their life full because their true potential comes out when their life is low. It is impossible to make ur mercia rep 100 without affecting the other rep. The road to Nivaria has two encounters so this is the best place to to find the vigilant knight for varsilia rep. Increase your elemental resistance will make your fights easier against elemental based enemies. Having a house will gather all your companions so you wont have to waste your time travelling. Always save for restore buttons for emergencies. Warriors and rogues cannot use items that requires mana but this can be compensated by learning a skill that makes u use them at the cost of ur hp in the great library.


For low lvl players, the best method to make gold is by gathering wolf pelts and then selling them to the varannari hunters found in random encounters on the road.
Selling items too are a good method of gaining quick gold.
Completing quests is also good for both gold and exp.
Using the scrolls the give exp bonus is good when farming exp also one method to get big exp is to NOT bring a companion because a companion make u gain 20% less exp.

Some players complain that this game is too difficult and impossible to finish, this is not TRUE. Yes this game is hard but not impossible.Also players complain that the enemies are too OP. Also they say that the gold cost is too much for them. They also say the they get swarmed so easily. They are also confused with the details of the quest. They say too that their damage is too low.

And that is all for the guide and please feel free to correct this and comment below thank you :lol: