Impact after completing Call of the blood


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I know that the game is completed already and that changes won't happen anymore. This is just something I was thinking about which would be pretty nice but not really needed.

I love seeing how my actions impact the world around me. And this game has a few of those situations that really caused such a thing to happen. Like the mine in Lannegar getting used again, the fort in Kingsbridge securing the area more or the ghosts in Fogäs and the Mercian crypt lessening after you killed the source. And many other examples.

But after completing The call of blood again, I notice that even though this did remove the castle guards but it didn't really change anything for the nearby village. The people there are still terrified and scared of baron Storme.

Something like Tealla saying "You killed the Baron and saved us from his reign of terror, feel free to be our guest for free/cheap if you like" or the mercenaries saying something like "I don't know what you did up there, but it wasn't anything good. The village is getting attacked by random bloodcrazy stormknights every so often. At least with the baron alive those bastards stayed away from us." or it could change Those in need a bit that you get an extra option to convince Radaim since he can't count on the baron anymore and needs the defenders more then ever. Just something (good or bad) to show that the castle falling in ruins and the baron dying has an impact on the village.

Since I know that this won't get added since the game is finished, I hope that such impacts on the world around you also get added into the next game. Nothing makes me feel more like a hero then walking through some place that has been impacted by my actions and knowing that this happened because of me.

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Agreed. Especially given how much of a big deal is made about how powerful and influential Baron Storme is. Was expecting to get back to New Garand and find something, like walking into the Royal Yard and being summoned by the king to get some gold or a skill point or something for taking out a major political opponent that always screws everything up and prevents good decisions from being made.
What really bugs me tho is that we dont get to see any progress of Eirenda rebuilding the castle.