If Freeport, Liberty, Urk-Daonassar, and ultimately, Dragon Mountains area would be available...


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I would love it if you could get these quests:

Remember Therod Nom? This guy is making a crazy bet, again. He bet he would beat the infamous Synrath Stonehorn (a new Minotaur NPC) from Liberty, a rather smart but powerful minotaur, who is known as the champion of arm-wrestling contest in all Varannar. You will challenge him, must have the STR 4 check to win, and will receive Admantite Greataxe (can be crafted by Xnaurl Steelbringer, another new NPC) as well as huge reputation boost in Liberty. This will unlock the "Muscles of Iron, Bones of Steel" Achievement. The Admantite Greataxe would be a proof for beating Synrath in arm-wrestling contest, and Therod Nom would pay you 5.000 Gold for it. But here's a twist: you may refuse to give the greataxe, Therod Nom would say he would pay more (7.000 Gold), and more gold (7.500 Gold) + his special necklace which he believed worthless (A necklace with +2 Per). Refusing it would lead Therod Nom hostile, and killing him would enable you to loot: Bluesteel Sword, a Necklace, and 10.000 Gold, but minus 10 reputation on Varsilia.

Unlockable after completing A Dangerous Bet. After defeating Synrath in an arm-wrestling contest, you will have a chat with him and he will reveal that he was a warrior blacksmith who managed to escape from the Ashen Wastes before he went insane. He would ask you escort him to Maze of Lamth where King M'Dmoo resides, and King M'Dmoo would welcome him warmly. He would reward you with Ashen Chestplate, an armor he used to wear. You, the developers, are free to make him a merchant NPC, or a special NPC that builds equipment (preferably Ashen equipment) the same way Stridsibum does.

Upon arriving on Freeport, you will hear rumors from civilians about a thief and his monkey. Once you arrived in a jungle area between Liberty and Urk-Daonassar, you will encounter a monkey stealing bananas from some Kurg apes. This will be the first time you saw some friendly Kurg apes. A distinguishable Kurg ape by the name of Harock (a Kurg NPC) will ask you to take the banana back from the monkey. Depending on your method, the fastest way is to steal the bananas from the monkey with your agility, which requires you to have AGI 4 check. This will also unlock the "I Could Steal Even From Lupin!" achievement. Alternatively, you may want to set a trap to the monkey which makes the monkey companion, Aldin (another new NPC, and yeah, you already know where this name comes from) aggressive on his dialogue (not hostile), or confront Aldin somewhere between Freeport and Liberty to have his companion to behave. Either way, after returning the bananas, you will be rewarded by Harock, and choose between a Mace (a superior version of Bone Mace) or a Maul (a superior version of Bone Maul).

Unlockable after completing Monkey Thief without making Aldin hostile, if aggressive, you can either pay him or do this quest, though you will end up doing this easy quest either way. Aldin will reveal that he used to be from New Garand farms, and reveal that he has a crush, someone who he never had the chance to confess his feeling to. He also revealed that he was one of volunteers of Royal Loreseekers in locating the Mathrisian Codex, but unlike other volunteers, he somehow ended up in the Orc Kingdom. His crush was none other than Elisse Urhad. If you tell Elisse about Aldin, who, in fact, also has feeling for him and is waiting for his return, she will ask you to tell Aldin to return as she is waiting for him. Once you tell Aldin about this, he will tell you that he and his monkey companion will retire as thieves duo, and become the guardian of New Garand farmlands. He will also reward you with a special ring he used for trading. (A ring with Gossip III)

I will write more of this. You may give your critics or suggestions until then.

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Maybe something about uncovering the true story behind the Three (we already know that they, together with Tol, were probably the four adventures who broke into the Temple of Sleepers, killing them and achieving godlike powers), but this story of the human origin of the Three is regarded a sacrilege within the church of Ilmara (you might remember the quest with the mad cleric and the frontier of Oppalan) - maybe there could be a quest where you are (finally) invited to the cathedral in Nivarian, where you confront the queen, the high-ranking bishops etc., possibly passing a few top-tier trait checks and reshaping the Church of the Three. It would be interesting to know how and why Tol was betrayed by the others, who actually built the tombs of what would later be known as the Tolassian tombs anf so on.

Also, a continuation of "Lady of the Night" could be possible (if you chose to return the heart instead of giving it to Torden beforehand), where you meet Sylarra, either kill or ally yourself with her.

Still, I must say, we should consider ourselves lucky that we got the latest update with the Elder Forest, Azeran etc., and I'm extremely grateful that David actually worked on EK a bit more, despite being busy with Archaelund.
I finally saw someone commenting on the game gods and their history, I finally thought I would never find this kind of comment