idea for casual difficult and even other


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I would request that the regeneration of hp in casual is 35% instead of 35 fixed and then the mana please do so at least in casual that regenerates itself especially because my hirge always wasted unnecessarily and this does not I makes you want to get me another char as a cleric and now I come to another point that I noticed that gives me enough discomfort is the range of your attacks than those enemies that is me with a '2-hand axe large more than I have to stand in the face of enemies, but if I try to move to recharge my abilities they hit me too absurd distances, perhaps reduce the minimum xP required to level which is absurd having to make 50k when the enemies they give me 50 when it goes well and finally, make sure that it can not be affected when using the charge ability of the warrior because it unrealistic get hit and stunned when I'm on charge if you read thanks for your attention and I hope that you listen my feedback.