I need warrior build help


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I need warrior build help. 1H or 2H doesnt matter im level 20 and can obviously reset skills and traits. Could use some advice. Also need a good xp and gold area to farm. Thanks


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Good warrior needs a way, to protect him/herself from mental effects. If you want to use 1h weapons, then learn shield expert, and infantry training skills. If you want to use 2h weapons, then learn fury, and battle rage skills. If you want to use light weapons, then prioritize spirit resistance when choosing armor, and learn spirit ward skill.

2 handed expert is necessary if you want to use these weapons.

Make a choice between flurry oriented setup(needs 6 points of agility, good for 1h), or strength oriented setup ( 0 or low agility, put as much trait points into strength as possible, good for 2h).

Make a choice between skills which provide extra damage. Do you want to specialize in:
- critical hits(precision strikes+massive criticals),
- stable and reliable damage increase (heavy handed+duel[good synergy with Flurry]),
- balance between all of those(training all those skills equally)

Body development skill is a must if you want to survive in close combat.

Choose how you want to handle multiple enemies. You can choose between:
- cleave(stable skill with no cooldown, and positioning is necessary only if you fight rangers),
- whirlwind (strong skill with some crowd control capabilities, but has cooldown, and requires positioning for good effect),
- Charge (strong skill with minor crowd control capabilities, requires careful aiming, and has cooldown, but allows to quickly approach rangers, and avoid traps).

Choose if you want to rely on your companion to use magical scrolls (Hirge is necessary), or do it yourself (you need magical training in this case).

After you decide on the matters I mentioned above, and you have free advanced skill slots, you can learn bloodlust, and ward skills (spirit, death, toxic, fire, frost, shock). Choose whatever suits you ;).

Bash(good for crowd control), and resilence(good for tanking) skills are most effective, if you use shield, but are still useful, if you use 2h weapons.

Check Wiki for details:


Good farm route at that level is to start in N. Jabal. Travel through level 1 maze to level 2 maze. Teleport and clear sunken citadel. Then port back to New Garand rest and sell. Then port to the Citadel and do that same route in reverse ending in N. Jabal. Also many rumor bosses are in the Nilomar cape/Coastal area. So everytime in N. Jabal or New Garand check rumors. Then you can farm the cape and coast and kill rumor bosses.

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For build ideas look at my warrior from this post with screenshots: http://exiledkingdoms.com/forum/viewtop ... &start=250. Normal DPS of 59.1 and stacked DPS of 144.9 with Fury II, Flurry III activated, and potion of Giant Strength. My character is Lvl 26 so higher than yours, but it should give you ideas on what to aim for.

For gold and exp I second p4ran0id, Sunken Citadel is the way.

Possible mining spoiler help?
Use New Garand as your base and teleport using the stone behind New Garand. If you are weaker you can kill the minotaur and then use the other portal stone to teleport to the Maze of Lamth (Level 2) and mine that area. When done head back the same route to New Garand, sell all your stuff, lather, rinse, repeat. If you are strong enough instead kill the two minotaurs, one on each side of the door, and then walk over the symbol to teleport to the other side of the maze. Kill any minotaurs in that area and then mine the Sunken Citadel. Open the magical barrier. If you're about dead or your inventory is full of high-value loot you can head back to New Garand, otherwise teleport to Maze of Lamth to mine some more if you are still healthy enough.


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Quit the game now. It sucks. You will never win at the end. Your only chance is if you picked easy mode, otherwise spend time elsewhere,
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Greetings Atomos! I just got back online after being offline for about three days and had to wait 'till after midnight to try and upload some images. Me try another class? Probably not as I am a dedicated barbarian warrior, but I do have fully developed archery skills as can presently be applied to the warrior class. Yes, having a leather build and no guild affiliations, and no active or passive defensive skills will be significantly more challenging. Let me know if you have any more interesting ideas!

P.S. See the 'Poison River Reward (light spoiler)' topic for some more builds and associated information. The loading time for uploading images is presently slow on my end.