I made a video of 8 tips and tricks I wish I knew before I started playing.


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I've seen these questions pop up all the time in the comments on my videos and on the forum, so I made a video of 8 things which is good to know before starting the game.


I'm also working on a part 2, if you know any things which I should include there, please share.

Thank you!


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Pretty good tips. Gj.
Here's my:
1) If you not sure about class pick - pick warrior. He's simple but effective in any situation.
2) Don't shame to farm gold. Most quests and locations eat resources with high speed. And you need that gold.
3) Exiled Kingdoms wiki is your savior. If you do not scary to spoilers use it whenever you can.
4) Read ALL dialogues. There's a bunch of them and they will help you to finish quests or find them. Also there's some of them that can punish you for random clicking and that will be hurt.
5) You need saves. Alot of them. Feel no shame to use them and abuse even if you run easiest difficulty.
6) All bosses in the game are very hard. Make sure than you prepared for this.
7) Do not rush ANY situation. Yes, you can run whenever you want but there's a bunch of rly scare places wich will kill you due to your low knoweledge\gear\pots. Also there's a very good chance that you will miss some good piece of gear just cause you rush something.
8) Classes:
Rogue - not a best pick for first run. Ye it should be a good idea to pick this class but this class will be good only if you have expirience and patience to walk with this class at some point of the game when you get your real power.
Warrior - best class for your first journey. Very handy and easy to play. Also very fun.
Cleric - someone can say that clerics - not a good class at all. And they wrong. Maybe you don't have crazy dps but your ability to survive have a god hand in it. Also clerics have the best things to keep you and your allies alive if you care about them. As a bonus - all undeads will fear you till their last day. Wich will come very soon.
Mage - pretty new class but still very friendly for new players. Just make sure that you keep your eye on mana bar since there's no mana regen in this game and this might kill you. Do not pick this class as your first if you hate dying.