I just noticed this branch


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Since ive been here of the first days of roaming the forum as a guest till today is actaully the first time i see this part of it so i came here to suggest 2 games i personally prefer then most games that is before i knew exiled kingdoms existed :
The first would be: stick war legacy,
Now this game is old and classic 2D game free to play and up-to-date you soldiers are stick figures obviously from the name, it has some sort of a strategy the campaign is short but it has tournaments and endless zombie mode, easy to play great graphic no lag good decent music

As for the second game: sas4:zombie assault
Its a shooter rpg ish decent story good graphic online could be laggy for old devices when it get crowded with zombies but offline it is always smooth no matter how many zombies are chasing you simple to play just shoot the zombies and run it has 4 different characters many weapons free to play great graphics easy controls decent music

Both games available for pc and mobile
But for pc you dont have to download it "you can just keep the page open if you dont always have internet works like a charm on both games"