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What is the maximum level that our character can reach?

2) What is the total number of existing essential companions?

3) Paid partners for all I know can die, but is there any way to cure them? And these characters are limited? Is there a specific number of them? Or do others always reappear in case they die?

4) Do peers level up with you or independently? And those of payment? Too?

5) How many factions can I join simultaneously? Can I join several or does a time come when I have to opt for a faction?

6) Is it possible that you have enmity with some faction? If so, what can I do to stop this enmity?

7) On the missions of the city council, they have a time limit in which you must fulfill these objectives, but if I do not meet the deadline the mission, in which case I have the opportunity to carry it out again? As I understand the low reputation when this happens, is there any impact if I fail the missions frequently?


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1) Level 99... I think. Content for the game is pretty much done between Level 20 and Level 25 (beating the arc and the Sewers of the Horror). The level max was removed by request but there's really no in-game reason to grind above Level 20 or so.

2) There are 3 companions (Griss the awesome, Hirge the also-awesome and Aadon the useless-you-should-have-left-him-die-in-a-cage). There's also the mercenaries you can buy gold to hire for a bit. They're all pretty useless. Early on in the game development, they were a little more useful, but as the game got bigger, they didn't get better. So in some narrow circumstances, they might have some tiny use, but for the post part, the save your gold. Mercenaries just don't live long.

3) See above.

4) Companions (Griss, Hirge, Aadon), gain XP with you and will level up. Mercenaries have different levels, the more you pay to hire them, the higher level. But again, the mercenaries are rather useless.

5) You can join ONLY ONE GUILD. It can't be undone. You can, however, do quests for the various fractions and be on good terms with different fractions. Guilds are: Warriors Guild, Wizards Guild, Thieves Guild (7th House), The Church of the Three.

6) It's quite possible to have negative reputation with the fractions. Depending on how you complete a quest, different reputation is earned or lost. Failing to complete Town Hall quests is one way to lose reputation. You can negate some(?) negative reputation by paying a fine at the Town Hall for the area you have negative reputation. But sometimes you are just stuck with negative reputation.

7) Failing Town Hall Quests can easily tank your reputation. Try paying a fine in the Town Hall.
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