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Alright so you know how David says stuff like "you don't need to hoard"? Complete utter nonsense... well what did you hoard so far that you are most proud of? I don't grind much but some time ago I got 110 poo (small) health potions from the orc lair


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I haven't done much hoarding, started to and sold the majority. Had over 75 of each small gem, but sold them to make room for more weapons, armor, and rings and necklaces. I've got a vault for future crafting items and quest items combined. But right now I'm packing my storage spaces with wearable items that can be used Now. I can bring any one of my resistances up near or over 100, helping me dominate any area im in. And my collection of weapons for me and my companion take up a vault and a half.

I'm eager to see what the crafting skills will be about. But we don't even know what we will and won't need yet. And there might be a difference in the crafting for character classes. I'd hate to pack a vault full of stuff that I can't use later on down the road!... most items, like minotar horns and gems stack up quickly. I'll gather mine as needed!


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The only materials I am assuming will definitely be needed are these.

Trollskin - obviously as he will teach you the time honoured skill of crafting putrid troll skin into useful armour
Fire Drake scales - Because that equipment is cool but not quite enough, I wanted a full up Fire Drake armour
Large Gems

Also I would assume you could craft your own potions as well, so all the herbs/mushrooms etc available (though I have yet to start hoarding)

Maybe wolf skins for basic armour crafting

Fire salts (or something)
Living Ice


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My problem as I see it is mostly that I have 100s of most things nearly 1000000 gold plus full sets of armour etc and nearly lvl23 warrior I have not used any potions in weeks apart from a few low health.
I can't see anything being that good that I would need it to play the game as it is ops.
Plus I can't see anything being that hard to make or dear as it would put new players of trying to get anywhere.
Apart from needing something made to do or kill something.
The game is fun it brings out the greed in people that's why we keep a lot of Jewell's etc.