Hirge -1 trait point


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Hello all! Pretty much the title.

I created a normal game a couple of days ago and today I finished Hirge quest to enable her as a companion. When I recruited Hirge in New Garand, she is level 6 but her trait points are negative.
For traits her distribution is:
2 1 1
1 0 3
Which seems to be in accordance with the Wiki so far.

Then Available Trait Points:-1

It is indeed a negative value, as I cannot even increase Awa from 0 to 1, for example.

I kinda rushed a bit to have her, so I am level 7 and I'm not even past A Magical Letter quest yet, i.e. Didn't enter Magistrate house.
My game is the full version.

Don't know if I missing something here or what.

Pictures attached

Thank you in advance


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It's not really a bug, just a weird consequence of how companion xp and traits work.

When you hire a companion, he/she obtains half of your current xp and the corresponding level. The starting trait points, however, are hard-coded.
So if you recruit Hirge very early in the game (when your level/xp is rather low), she will also have a low level.

As the number of available trait points depends on the character level, the situation may occur that the hard-coded trait points exceed the number of trait points Hirge would normally have at that level. Hence, the number of available trait points is temporarily negative. If Hirge gains a level, this should automatically be fixed.

I must admit that I don't know what happens if you respec her...